As I’ve written about extensively in the past, an organized bedroom not only looks nicer but science says an organized bedroom will also help you sleep better!

However, as our bedrooms are (or should be) our personal sanctuaries from the world, we also want them to be attractive and practical too. To achieve this when working with my Houston home organization clients I usually suggest making use of organizational strategies that make use of products that look as great as they function.

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite of those bedroom organization products here. And should you need help getting your bedroom (or any other space in your home or office) decluttered and organized, contact me here, I’m always happy to help.

Now back to those bedroom organization products:

1. These simple-to-use under-the-bed storage bins – with wheels! – will make it easier for you to store your out-of-season clothes and shoes. When the new season arrives, you’ll actually be able to see what you put in them without unpacking everything, because they have clear tops! They also seal everything away from dirt, dust and humidity, so your stuff should not need to be relaundered when it’s time to use it again.

2. Adding plants to your bedroom can help purify the air while adding visual interest and even, if you choose the right ones, a wonderful natural scent. However, they need an organized place in your space. Tripping over random planters is not good for your health (or that of the plants)

You can store all of your plants on this adjustable plant shelf without crowding the tops of your dressers and tables. All of your plant babies can soak up all the sun they thanks to the slotted bases, which allow light to pass through to every layer.

3. A convenient built-in charging dock is included in this attractive nightstand, keeping your bedside free of cables. When you reach for your water bottle or phone in the middle of the night, it won’t fall off because of the raised corners and there is roomy drawer for your books and other important nighttime essentials (sleep mask, essential oils etc.)

4. You can keep your desk or vanity tidy with a set of clear drawer organizers. Instead of fumbling around for them at the end of the day when you just want to go to bed or when you are hurrying to get ready in the morning, they will make it so much easier to grab that lip balm or pair of earphones you need (and keep those expensive, but tiny, earbuds stored safely)

They come in five different sizes and have non-slip pads on the bottom, so they won’t slide around in your drawer or damage wooden surfaces.

5. If you have an odd space in your bedroom (maybe near your bed or at the side of a closet) this narrow dresser could be a great, and good-looking, way to add additional organized storage. Perfectly sized for underwear, it could also be used for lots of other things, and in other places in your home.

6. I love this enormous cotton basket, which will actually hold all of your laundry and prevent items from pooling on the floor. You’ll probably still be able to take everything to the washing machine in one motion, even if you postpone laundry day for a few extra days!

Another major benefit is that, as far as laundry baskets go, it is incredibly stylish. You can even use it to neatly store throw pillows and blankets not in use right now but are too pretty to hide.

7. This ottoman with storage serves as both a seat and a place to hide extra sheets and linens. You can even fold the entire thing flat and store it under your bed when it’s not in use.

8. An alternative to a closed storage ottoman at the end of your bed, this open-shelf cubby is a great idea if you have some cute books, knick-knacks or even slippers to display. You can even remove the cushion and flip the whole unit vertically and use it that way if you prefer.

9. If your closet is overflowing with clothes, and you need to store some extras, this rustic dresser is a fantastic solution. Despite being extremely lightweight and simple to assemble, it has the attractive appearance of real wood thanks to the fabric drawers (they have wood fronts to match the frame).

10. Who doesn’t like to have lots of jewelry options? I know I do! Storing it all so that it does not tangle, or you don’t lose one of a pair of expensive earrings, or break a delicate chain can be a challenge though if your collection is extensive.

One great solution is a standing jewelry cabinet with a full length mirror that will keep your valuables secure and organized, like this one. Your lovely jewels will always be safe in it because it has a lock and key, and you can store and organize them so that choosing your adornments for the day is quick and easy, and seeing what they look like on is a cinch too!

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