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Your bedroom should be a place where you can retreat from the world at the end of the day and finally enjoy some rest, peace and quiet. Note the use of the word should, because, unless it is set up correctly it will never be able to do what it is supposed to; offer you a tranquil haven from the world.

As the average bedroom – even an adult one – can get pretty messy ,decluttering your bedroom should always be the first task you tackle when creating an organized bedroom that really works. Clutter is more than just an eyesore it’s often a serious source of stress, so until it’s gone your bedroom will never be the relaxing space you want it to be.

So, whether you attempt the project yourself or hire a professional organizer to help you, decluttering should be priority number one. But once that is done (and you have rightly spent a few minutes giving yourself a pat on the back for completing a tough task) there are a few more things you need to look at – and fix – before your bedroom can truly become an oasis of tranquility.

Ideally your newly organized bedroom should be as appealing as possible as a place to spend time – even if it’s just time sleeping – and to do that it needs to appeal to all five senses. Here are some quick tips to help you ensure that it does just that.


A bedroom should be quiet, whether you are sleeping or not. That means removing all those noisy electronics (sorry, TVs just don’t belong in the bedroom), muting your cell phone, covering up squeaky, creaky hardwood floors with a plush hardwood rug and adding a white noise machine so that you can lull yourself to sleep with relaxing, calming sounds when it is time to go to sleep.


Getting your bedroom lighting right is a must. A huge bright, overhead light should not be the focus of it, instead a layered lighting scheme should be your goal. A layered lighting scheme provides light at different levels for different purposes; add a bedside lamp for reading, consider a few elegant wall sconces for ambient lighting and then add good task lighting around your mirrors so that you can see what you’re doing when getting dressed and making up.


A bedroom should either have no scent at all or one that is light and natural. To achieve this keep your bed clothes nicely laundered, make sure you sweep and/or vacuum at least once a week and avoid using those cloying, overpowering aerosol air fresheners. Some are so strong and artificial smelling that they can cause a headache, and they have a tendency to make a dust problem worse to boot.

If you want to add a scent to your organized bedroom try essential oils. A number of manufacturers now offer essential oil diffusers at a very reasonable cost or, alternately, you can add a few drops of your favorite to cotton balls and place them in discreet, non-visible areas.


When organizing your bedroom make sure you leave behind a number of different textures. A soft rug on the floor near your bed, a chunky knit blanket on your reading chair, and a variety of different throw pillows can all do the trick nicely.


Just for fun, keep a little dish of your favorite candy by the bedside. Wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy a delicious dark chocolate while reading before bed? However, make sure it’s just one and that you clean your teeth afterwards!

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