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Bathroom Organization

The benefits of bathroom organization go beyond aesthetics. A clutter-free bathroom in which everything is stored neatly looks more attractive, but it’s also easier to use.

kitchen organization

Kitchen Organization

We will organize your kitchen with convenience and enjoyment in mind. It will be setup with a “zoned” approach, making finding and putting away your things fast and easy.

closet organization

Closet Organization

Once a closet becomes cluttered, it’s very hard to organize alone. In fact, it’s difficult to even know where to get started. Professional closet organization provides the help you need.

garage organization

Garage Organization

Book a garage organization session, and you’ll be well on your way to parking your car in a space that is neat and organized.

playroom organization

Playroom Organization

In order for a playroom to be functional – and fun to be in – it has to be an organized playroom. We’ll help you organize a play space both you and your kids will love.

unpacking and home organization

Unpacking and Organization

We will help you unpack after you move into your new home,  and as we unpack we organize, setting up efficient organizational systems throughout your home

closet organization

Home Office Organization

Need help with home office design and/or home office organization? We can help you create the perfect home office space that will boost your productivity and your home/life balance.

bespoke home organization

Bespoke Home Organization

Have a special home organization project in mind? Whatever it is, our experienced home organizers will help you get it done, no matter how large or small.


Which Rooms in My Home Can You Organize?

Just Organized by Taya provides home organizing services from attic to basement and every room in between! Using our skills as professional organizers, we can work with you on:

  • Kitchen organization
  • Bedroom organization
  • Living room organization
  • Bathroom organization
  • Craft room organization
  • Play room organization
  • Attic organization
  • Garage organization
  • Basement organization
  • Dining room organization
  • Home office organization
  • Closet organization
What Is the Home Organization Process Like?

During the whole home organization process, you will be respected and treated with kindness, courtesy, and complete confidentiality.

You are in charge of deciding whether you would like to be there for the session(s). If we work together you will not only get a more functional space, but also a new set of skills for organizing that you can use for the rest of your life.

We understand that some of our clients are simply too busy, so we’ll gladly organize your space for you as well.

During the first session, we will tour your home and talk about what is and isn’t working.

We will then begin the organization process by working on a small area of your home based on your priorities and goals.

We may recommend organizational products that will help maximize your space, but we try to repurpose items that you already have in your home as much as possible.

What Is a Professional Organizer?

A professional organizer is a person that uses their knowledge and expertise to work with clients by guiding, teaching, and suggesting solutions and systems to help them to reach and subsequently maintain their organizational goals.

A professional organizer is not a cleaning service. They do not offer home or office cleaning. Professional organizers in Houston are experts who can recommend and teach you new ways of doing things and organize your home, organize your office and even organize your life!

When it comes to selecting someone who will work with you closely, and you will be teaching about your intimate habits, they should be educated, communicate well, be non-judgmental, respectful, flexible, and compassionate as well as strong enough – and paying enough attention to productivity – to keep you on task and focused.

The Houston home organization team at Just Organized by Taya provides this to all of their customers and their families. We can even offer organizing tips to your kids!

As members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) we take great pride in our work and it shows! Check out our customer testimonials to learn more.

Is a Home Organizer the Same as a House Cleaner?

A house cleaner simply tidies and cleans your home. House cleaners make money by coming back to your home to clean your house or office by rearranging the clutter constantly.

They don’t find the source of the issue, which happens to be disorganization. Just Organized by Taya offers a professional Houston Home Organizing service where we come to your home, work our magic and then provide you with a clear plan to remain organized for months, years, or longer without having to use our services constantly.

Our goal is to set you up for long term success, which is done through communication and experience. You can learn to live clutter free and even have more control over your environment – and your life – again.

As You Organize My Space Will You Throw Everything Away?

NO! The final decision is down to you. However, we will make observations and ask the right questions in order to help you pick what is and isn’t important to keep. Many choose to donate items that are still in good condition, and we can help with that too.

Do I Have to Be There During a Houston Home Organization Session?

When it comes to Just Organized by Taya’s home organization services you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want.

It is recommended that you be there but it is not mandatory. We will work with you through the whole process and find the right solution for you.

Different systems work for different people and the only time that is best for you to be there is during the sorting sessions because we need to know what you want to keep and get rid of.

Once you have approved the layout or design, we can work on implementing the plan with or without you being home.

How Long Does Houston Home Organization Take?

Every Houston home organization project is different. It depends on the size of the task at hand and how much you will do yourself and how quickly you can make choices. The minimum session is 4 hours. Although there are no quick fixes, you will see huge progress every session.

Estimates- Based on our experiences – Please understand that your space may take more or less time depending on how many items need are to be organized

Pantries -Typically 1-3 hrs
Kitchen – Typically 5 hrs
Bathroom- Typically 1-3 hrs
Closets- Typically 3- 6 hrs
Garage Typically 4-7 hrs
Bachelors ( One Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet )- Typically 4.5hrs+

For multiple rooms and bigger projects, we recommend a 20-hour Houston home organization package which actually also offers the best value for money.

 To ensure that each session is effective, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve. I keep my customers on assignment, but I never rush a person or pressure them to get rid of something. There’s always something I can do separately to keep the project going forward if you need a short break.

Why Should I Use a Houston Home Organizer?

There are plenty of reasons that you should use a professional organizer. Ask yourself:

  • Am I drowning in paper?
  • Am I losing space in my home due to growing piles of clutter?
  • Am I wasting time looking for lost items?
  • Am I paying late fees for not paying my bills on time?
  • Is this situation causing me frustration and stress?
  • Am I spending money on items that I know have bought, but can’t find?

If you have answered yes to any or even all of these questions, then you would benefit from the help of Just Organized by Taya.

Even though there are some who lead an organized life, but have found that they are disorganized due to a lack of time or a life situation, such people may benefit from my help to reorganize your life.

Professional organizers know all the latest products and processes that will make organizing easier, which gives you access to many resources and ideas that you wouldn’t have time to try or research on your own.

Organizing is more than just tidying up and getting rid of items, as a professional organizer helps to find out why you have to do this and provides long term solutions to adjust your habits and environment.

Is Our Home Organizing Work Together Confidential?

Absolutely! I abide by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Everything you share will be held in the strictest confidentiality on my part.  If you are interested in sharing a testimonial, I will only post or speak of the information that you choose to share with others.

Should I Hire a Professional Organizer Before Selling My House?

If you’re already working with a Realtor, give them a call right now and ask them what the expected price reduction is for a home like yours if it sits on the market too long.

The typical price reduction is anywhere between $3,000 to $50,000! Is the luxury of having all your loved (and unloved) items within arms reach worth that amount?! Probably not.

When it’s time to sell your home, you are want to sell your SPACE not your stuff. We’ll declutter the space you’ve loved and make it appealing for buyers.