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Didn’t get everything on your wish list this year? Well, you’re in luck because some of the best sales of the year happen after Christmas. There are going to be deals everywhere you look in the after Christmas sales, but here are some of the best things to buy after Christmas — plus buying tips for maximizing those savings.

In the United Kingdom and other British Commonwealth nations, such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand, December 26 is not only a day for Santa Claus to catch his breath, but a national holiday known as Boxing Day. Boxing Day has nothing to do with fisticuffs, the trashing of empty boxes left over from Christmas or the return of unwanted gifts to department stores, despite its unusual name. Instead, it was once a day to distribute alms to the poor, reward employees who had to work on Christmas and to celebrate the feast of St. Stephen.

Still, in the modern day UK it really has become about hitting the stores and returning gifts, and although we don’t use the name officially here in the US, many of us do the same, especially this year, as ‘Boxing Day’ falls on a Saturday.

After Christmas sales will be available everywhere, and, although, as a personal and home organizer I always encourage people not to over-consume and buy stuff they don’t need – which only causes clutter and chaos – there are some things offered in these sales that are worth considering. Here’s a look:

Open box electronics

When electronics are opened and then returned, they’re often discounted and sold as open box electronics. After the holidays there’s an increase in open-box inventory because so many people are making holiday returns. That means you can get a brand-new gadget for less – sometimes a lot less – simply because the box was opened. Best Buy even has a section on their website for open-box and refurbished electronics.


Believe it or not, stores are ready to stock shelves with spring fashions. Bulky items like jackets need to go. Sales may be better if you live in an area with a milder winter.

Jackets are a popular holiday gift, so many on the shelves in after Christmas sales could be returns. Inspect them thoroughly before buying. It never hurts to ask for a discount if you find a flaw like a missing button.

Beauty gift sets

Beauty stores and cosmetic brands package together gift sets with a variety of their products — often deluxe sample sizes for the holidays. They make great gifts, but most of us aren’t going to buy them for ourselves unless the price is right. Fortunately, right after the holiday it is, so snag up travel sized containers from your favorite cosmetic brands. Then check out my advice on organizing and storing your cosmetics to help ensure your new goodies don’t become bathroom clutter.


Everyone’s baking in December and on a diet in January, so bakeware often gets discounted. Look for deep discounts on holiday-themed bakeware like red pans and novelty items like a cookie press or mini Bundt cake pans.

Throw blankets

These are a very popular holiday gift, but those bundles of fluff take up a lot of shelf space. That means immediate sales after Christmas. Check the home section at department stores like Macy’s and Kohl’s. You’ll likely be able to find a coupon you can stack on an already low sale price. And as throw blankets are useful year round – both from a practical and a decor point of view if you can find some really great ones for less why not?

Christmas decorations

It’s no surprise that Christmas decorations will be on deep discount in an after Christmas sale. But the trick is to snag these deals immediately. Now more than ever, stores want to clear out that inventory quickly and make room for spring inspired products. Get to stores immediately before Christmas clearance is pulled off the shelves completely.

As you’ll be taking down your holiday decor soon anyway, don’t even take this stuff out of the bags and boxes, get ready to store it right away with the rest of the decorations. Just make a note of what you bought so that you don’t go shopping for it again next year.

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Organized Shopping Tips to Score Big After Christmas Sale Savings
There are going to be deals everywhere you look in the after Christmas sales , but here are some of the best things to buy after Christmas — plus buying tips for maximizing those savings.
Just Organized by Taya