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You can train your dog – and maybe even your cat – to do a lot of things, but become better organized is probably not one of them. As a pet parent you, however, can make your own life easier – and maybe theirs too – by getting more organized on their behalf. Here are some tip and ideas for home organization with pets that will help you get started.

Organizing Your Pet’s Medical Supplies

Fur kids come along with as many medical needs as human kids, and often have just as many medical supplies and medical records. You probably have a place at home for all your family’s birth certificates, immunization records and other important papers. You should also keep the same kind of file for your dog or cat that contains adoption records, pedigrees, vaccination records, details of visits with your vet and microchip records (which you should always ensure are kept up to date)

Keeping medicines in a central location a must. Some people keep parasite prevention meds and other pet prescriptions in a drawer with other pet supplies, while others keep them with family remedies and first aid supplies. Just be sure they’re convenient and easy to find when you need them and are kept out of reach of all the kids, both human and fur!

Organize Your Pet Food

For pet food and treats, the pantry is always a convenient location. Dry food can be stored in a variety of sealable containers to keep it fresh, prevent bugs and keep your pet from raiding the stash when you’re not looking.

Sometimes it makes sense to store the bulk of the food in another location and keep about a week’s supply within easy reach. But if you have a large dog and prefer to keep his food in a single location, you might try a bin that can hold a large bag of dry food and has wheels for easy maneuvering.

Organize Dog and Cat Accessories for the Car

If you travel in the car with your dog, designate a location for a booster seat or harness, blankets to protect the car’s upholstery and a trunk storage organizer to keep small items from getting lost. If you have cats, you’ll need carriers to keep them from bolting when you arrive at your destination.

When not in use, your pet’s travel gear can be kept handy on a garage shelf or in a closed bin to protect them from dust and dirt.

Home Organizing Ideas For Pet Supplies

home organization with pets

When it comes to dealing with your dog’s leashes and outdoor gear, it makes sense to store them near the laundry room, garage or mudroom.

The laundry room can be the ideal spot if you have drawers and cupboards available for shampoo, carpet cleaner, air freshener, old towels, accident pads and outdoor cleanup bags.

You may also want to store animal toys, grooming brushes, nail clippers and extra leashes in a clear shoebox or drawer. If your dog is fashion-forward, keep clothes and bandanas close to your home’s exit point.

Home Organizing Ideas for Cat Toys and Accessories

Although cats and dogs both need a place to store food, medicines, toys, grooming supplies and health records, cats have a few additional requirements. One is a litter box. The ideal solution for reducing its sometimes unpleasant impact is to find an out-of-the-way place for kitty to take care of her needs.

If do not have a basement or an attached garage with a kitty door, you will need to find another place. Luckily, there are covered litter boxes, self-cleaning litter boxes and even flushable solutions to reduce odors. Keep a broom or small vacuum handy to reduce the amount of litter your cat tracks through the house.

Anyone who owns a cat knows they like to climb, scratch, perch and play. If you’re like most cat lovers, you’ll have toy mice, fluff balls, feathers dangling from sticks and fresh or dried catnip on hand. You can use most containers to store these items when friends come to visit. A simple covered box, basket or bin keeps the toys handy but easy to hide when necessary. Or, consider a storage bench that doubles as an ottoman.

Need help with home organization with pets? Our team can help. And as we love pets, we’re the perfect choice in this case!

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