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In general, as busy people – and we’re all that – we tend to neglect our guest bathrooms. Of course, we clean them and make sure everything is working properly in terms of the basic plumbing, but that is usually where we stop, especially if the guest bathroom is reserved for guests and is located in a finished basement/attic or attached to a guest room itself.

That is, until we have guests arriving, and then the room gets attention. But often that’s flustered attention that gets more chaotic and stressful than it should. The sensible alternative is to create a guest bathroom organization system that works and offers your guests a great experience and then maintain THAT instead.

Ideally, with smart guest bathroom organization you should get to the point where not only will it take less than ten minutes before announced guests arrive to prep the bathroom, but you also won’t feel embarrassed if they stop by unannounced in need of the smallest room in the house!

Here are some tips for effective guest bathroom organization to get you started.

Declutter Before Guest Bathroom Organization Begins

Sometimes (often) guest bathrooms, especially those on the main floor of your home become dumping grounds for all kinds of clutter as they are an easy place to toss things. This can make for some red-faced moments when the bathroom is going to be used, so before you do anything else in terms of guest bathroom organization remove anything that should not be there, including empty/near empty toiletries and old linens.

Coordinate Your Guest Bathroom Look

Mismatched, old guest bathroom decor does not look welcoming, or even particularly nice. Invest in a neutral, matching bathroom set that includes the basics – rugs, toothbrush holder, soap holder, trash can and – if needed – shower curtain and window curtains/shades.

None of this has to be too fancy or expensive, and the good news is you can usually score a coordinated set that comes with everything you need for less than $30 if you shop carefully.

Add Extra Towels and Washcloths

This one is pretty simple. We all know we need to provide our guests with towels and washcloths, but you should make sure these are nice, fluffy – and clean – white towels and washcloths. Most of us have older towels and washcloths that are our personal favorites but would you really want a guest to use them? Probably not.

First, hang a set of towels on the towel bar of the shower door, or if your guest bathroom is a simpler sink and toilet set up on an over door towel rack, which saves space too. Then provide extra towels, folded neatly, under the vanity.

Baskets are also a great way to organize and store extra linens, especially when you have a smaller bathroom or don’t have vanity space. Sometimes baskets can be expensive, but you can get some great ones form dollar and discount stores for just a few dollars that are a lot nicer than you might expect.

Offer Basic Toiletries and Replace Them After Each Use

Who hasn’t forgotten at least one toiletry item when traveling? I know I have. So providing your guests with a few toiletries as a part of guest bathroom organization can really help promote that welcoming feeling. I realize you can’t possibly provide everything for everyone, but you can cover most of the basics.

Clear storage bins are a perfect way to hold everything. I chose to use the travel size version of toiletries. You can also use those free samples you get from beauty supply counters, which are the perfect size for guests and can add a rather luxe feel to the space.

Basic items I advise be included in this little welcome kit are toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, hairspray, deodorant, lotion, shower cap, q-tips, cotton balls, and a trick I learned from an AirBnb host, makeup remover. Nothing ruins white towels faster than makeup guests used them to remove because they had nothing else. I’d also advise, as we do live in a warmer climate here in Houston, a small tube of sunscreen as well (sunburned guests are not happy guests)

Offer Styling Tools

Blow dryers are usually provided in hotels so why not in your home? I like to include a basic hairbrush and comb, blow-dryer and a flat iron. If you know what your guests use, then you could include those as well. Just in case they were forgotten, or maybe they just didn’t have room to pack them. Trust me, they will love you for this, and again, nothing has to be fancy.

These tools should be organized and visible of course, maybe using a styling tool rack like the one pictured above.

Personal Guest Bathroom Organization Touches

guest bathroom organization

Don’t forget to give your guest bathroom organization and decor a personal touch. Adding small touches can give your space a great feel and an instant welcome for your guests.

Orchid plants are perfect for this space. They can stand lots of humidity, don’t need too much care and look stunning. You could also add candles or a bathrobe if you really want to impress!

Need help with guest bathroom organization, or organizing any other spaces in your home or office. The Just Organized by Taya team are standing by ready to do just that! Call 832-271-7608 or book an appointment here.

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Top Tips for Guest Bathroom Organization
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Top Tips for Guest Bathroom Organization
Ideally, with smart guest bathroom organization you should get to the point where not only will it take less than ten minutes before announced guests arrive to prep the bathroom.
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