Top Secret Tricks to Glam Up Your Closet Organization Project


July 24, 2020

A closet organization project can be one of the most satisfying – and useful – home organization tasks you can undertake. It’s one of my favorites as a professional Houston home organizer, as I love the delight on my clients’ faces when they realise that what was once a cluttered mess of clothes, shoes and often a bunch of stuff that should never have been there in the first place is now a beautifully organized closet space that they hadn’t imagined possible just a few hours earlier.

The best closet organization projects are about more than decluttering, there should be beautification involved as well. One of the biggest motivations to keep things organized is if the space looks so great you can’t bear for it to ever get messy again, even if that means adding extra minutes to your daily chore list.

From inexpensive drawer liners to and glammed up clothes hangers to switching out closet lighting and creating an inner accent wall here are some design focused closet organization tips to help inspire you if you are considering undertaking a closet organization project soon.

Fast and Cheap

Add Scented Liners to Your Drawers

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You can find scented drawer liners in almost any home goods store, and in all kinds of fragrances, from relaxing, soothing lavender to energetic citrus and everything in between. You could even make your own if you can’t find just what you are looking for.

No matter which you choose, adding a light scent to your clothes will add a touch of freshness even if they were last laundered weeks ago, as well as a sense tingling lift every time you open the drawer.

To ensure your drawer liners stay in place after measuring and cutting them to fit as exactly as possible tack them in place with double sided sticky tape.

Upgrade Your Clothes Hangers

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When organizing your closet, bad clothes hangers should be added to that ‘to be trashed pile’ as a matter of course. Like those dry cleaner’s wire ones that are too flimsy, can easily snag your clothes and get tangled up quickly but you kept using them because, well, they were there.

Replace the bad hangers with options that are sturdier and better looking. Try white plastic tube, velvet “huggable,” sturdy wooden, or even those special foldable multi outfit hangers, whatever works for your space. And face them all in the same direction. It’s a small detail but one that will save you time and help keep things organized more easily.

More Time and Money, But Not a Lot

Paint the Closet Walls

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Obviously this is a project to be undertaken after the decluttering stage and before your closet organization begins in earnest. But a coat of paint can work wonders to freshen up a dreary, dark closet. Choose neutral colors and they will reflect the light and give you a solid neutral background to view your clothing against. Or choose an accent wall to paint a bright color that will make you smile every time you head to your closet to pick out your outfit for the day.

Choose Lovely Lighting

Good lighting is a must for any organized closet. But why not make it attractive as well as functional? There are some gorgeous closet lighting options available – even mini chandeliers if that’s your style – and they are more affordable than you might think.

Add Some Artwork

As you plan a closet reorganization project plan to add a piece of artwork – or even a particularly special framed photograph – that will give you a little boost every day when you see it. Maybe it will make you laugh, maybe it will motivate you, but it will have an impact and add a few seconds of extra positivity to your day.

If you don’t have any wall space in your closet (those without walk-ins), add a smaller framed piece that makes you happy, and place it on a shelf.

A Slight Splurge

Install a New Closet System

You can do this on a budget! Sometimes it’s as simple as moving up a single-hanging rod a bit higher and then adding another below it. If it’s time for an entire closet system, there are some wonderful easy to install options available that don’t call for general contractor levels of DIY expertise.

Hire a Professional Closet Organizer

If organizing your closet is a project that just seems to be too overwhelming, or time consuming, to contemplate doing by yourself, there’s no shame in hiring a professional closet organizer to help you out. We can do the nasty parts – the sorting and decluttering – and the nicer parts – the decorating – and as an experienced Houston Closet Organization Specialist I let my clients know that they can be as involved – or not – as they want to be.

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