Think Like an Interior Decorator – Use Home Decor Accessories to Create a Perfect Living Space

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August 28, 2020

The new furniture you just bought looked perfect when you spotted the advertisement online and even better when you saw it in person in the showroom. Now that it has been delivered and is in your home it simply does not look the same, something is missing but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is…Chances are what is missing are the home decor accessories that the store probably made some very clever use of.

At almost every furniture store you will find that there is at least one employee whose job it is to create clever displays that use all kinds of home decor accessories on and around the pieces to show them off in the very best light. It’s something we interior decorators do every day too. Here are some ideas for creating your perfect living space with home decor accessories.

Clever Accent Lighting

Home lighting is about a lot more than just brightening up a dark room. Interior decorators know that just the right pieces can add personality and life to any space and compliment its furnishings beautifully. Candle lanterns, lamps and even candelabras can all be used to do this and adding them is a great way to stamp your own personal style on the room.

Pillows and Throws

One of the most commonly used “tricks” in furniture displays is using pillows and blankets to add interest and life to the pieces. Creating the same look at home is easy and there are so many options to choose from that you could change them as often as you like to keep the look fresh.

Wall Decor

Any piece of furniture placed against a blank wall is going to lose a little of its appeal. There are so many wonderful ways that you can use home decor accessories to change that though. From unique and even slightly quirky wall plaques to fabulously beautiful wall hangings there are a lot more options available to you to dress up your walls than just the addition of a few photos.

Home Decor Finishing Touches

A lovely vase added to an end table, charming figurines scattered across the room and even more unusual touches like an indoor fountain are all great ways to dress up your rooms and the furniture in them and the best thing of all doing so is usually far less expensive than you might imagine.

The other really great thing about home decorating accessories is that you are never “stuck” with just one look. You can change them around and mix them up whenever you like, creating a new look for every season or even every mood!

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