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Too often, you have to conquer the enormous barrier of procrastination before you start the process of getting organized. Decluttering alone can, after all, sound like an enormous project!

But there is no law that states that once until you have a full weekend to commit to purging and sorting, you can’t begin organizing your home. In reality, it is something you should do every day to tackle the clutter and tidy up, no matter how busy you are.

Doing so will get you into the habit, and once you understand the big impact little changes can have on your day-to-day living and the look and function of your home you’ll be better prepared to tackle those big projects.

With all this in mind here’s a look at things you can organize in 10 minutes or less.

Clean off the Exterior of Your Refrigerator

Organizing your whole fridge is probably going to be an afternoon’s worth of work, but decluttering the exterior is much faster. Clear everything off, throw away all those faded magnets and expired pizza coupons, wipe the fridge down, return anything that you do really want to display in any orderly manner.

Get Rid of Expired Foodstuffs

This may be a series things you can organize in 10-minute projects, but the effort will be worth it. Grab a trash bag and toss in expired foodstuffs from the recesses of your pantry/cupboards and or fridge. Everything will immediately look neater and you’ll reduce the risk that anyone in the home will ruin their appetite – or even get sick – from eating things that have past their sell-by-date.

Update Your Grocery Shopping List

Having thrown out a bunch of bad food, you now have room for more good stuff. You’ll probably want to replace some of it with new or unexpired items. Jot down what you need, pull out your shopping list, and take note of any other things you’ll like to pick up on your next trip to the grocery store.

Round Up Remotes

No one wants to play Hunt the Remote when they had intended to spend some of their precious downtime binging their favorite show or catching up with the latest movie release. Corral the clutter of remotes that we all seem to accumulate (for the TV, DVD, soundbar etc) and keep them secure in a convenient remote control organizer caddy somewhere that makes organizational sense (like the arm of your TV watching chair.)

Take the Trash Out (Of Your Car)

Our cars seem to be magnets for clutter, 90% of which really should not be there. Most of what needs to be removed from your car is likely to be trash, so grab a big black bag and spend ten minutes getting rid of as much of the accumulated clutter as possible.

Organize Your Glove Compartment

After decluttering your car the next logical thing to organize in 10 minutes or less is your glove compartment. Once you’ve cleared the garbage from it, spend 10 minutes getting it organized. Toss old registration and insurance cards, stash your manuals, and make sure you’ve got what you actually do need handy.

Trash Expired Cosmetics

Cosmetics DO expire, even the very expensive ones. Expired makeup not only does not apply well it can actually harm your skin. Take ten minutes to go through your makeup bag/basket/bathroom cabinet and trash what is no longer good.

How do you know when your makeup has expired? It’s actually usually right there on the packaging, in the form of little symbols you have probably seen a hundred times but never paid attention to. Alternately you can make use of the chart here as a guide as you complete this things you can organize in 10 minutes task.

Master the Mail

Whip through the pile of mail that’s been accumulating for the day (or week or month!), toss the junk, and stick some Post-It notes on the ones that require action when you have more time. Put that mail in a neat pile somewhere it won’t get lost (or ignored) again.

Nix Unused Phone Apps

Extraneous apps clutter up your screen and suck up your phone’s memory. Scroll through your existing apps, see what can go, and trash them.

Book an Appointment with a Professional Home Organizer

No time for those bigger decluttering jobs? No stomach to tackle them alone? It takes a lot less than ten minutes to book an appointment with a home organizer, and once you do you will REALLY be on your way to a truly organized home.

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