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Buying gifts for your loved ones for the holidays can be fun. Wrapping them all, not so much. However, you can at least make doing so easier and more efficient by getting a handle on holiday gift wrapping organization.

While you’re doing your holiday gift wrapping it is the perfect time to also organize all of your wrapping supplies and equipment into one area. When you’re done you’ll have everything ready for use, at your fingertips, when you need it, and can wrap presents with a minimum of effort.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of my top tips for holiday gift wrapping organization that you can make use of all year long too, for any gift giving occasion that crops up throughout the year.

Step 1: Gather All Your Wrapping Supplies Together

The first step is to gather all of your gift wrapping supplies together, into one area. The advantage of this is that when you need to wrap a gift you don’t have to spend the first 15 minutes of the process walking around your home gathering all your equipment together.

Here are the things you need to find and assemble:

  • Wrapping paper (both rolls and folded flat sheets)
  • Gift bags
  • Gift Boxes
  • Tissue paper
  • Gift Tape
  • Scissors
  • Bows
  • Ribbons
  • Gift tags

If you don’t have dedicated scissors and tape that are only used for wrapping gifts, I would highly recommend getting some. These items aren’t expensive, and having them stored right with the rest of your supplies really makes the job of wrapping gifts easier.

Step 2: Declutter And Get Rid Of Excess Supplies For Better Holiday Gift Wrapping Organization

holiday gift wrapping organization

The next step in how to organize wrapping paper and gift bags is to pare down the amount of gift wrapping supplies you have, if you’ve got a mountain of it. Many people do, especially as there is so much cute wrapping paper available to catch your eye.

If you do uffer from “too much gift wrap syndrome” seriously consider getting rid of some of it by decluttering. It will be next to impossible to find a place to store all of it in one area in your home if you’ve got a lot.

At the least, stop buying more until you use what you’ve got and plan to put all the Christmas paper in storage with all the rest of your holiday decoration storage. You won’t use holiday paper (and coordinating ribbons, bows, etc.) except during the holiday season anyway, so you can clear out room for the less-seasonal stuff that way.

Eventually, your goal could become to limit your stash down to 1-2 varieties of wrapping paper and 1-2 colors of ribbons or bows that coordinate. These can become your signature colors that you become known for amongst your friends and family. Easier said than done, but it is something to aspire to!

Step 3: Choose A Spot For Your Holiday Gift Wrapping Center

The next step in how to organize wrapping paper and gift bags is to choose an area to store your supplies. The ideal area should have two characteristics: (1) a large flat surface nearby that you can wrap presents at; and (2) enough storage room to hold all your supplies.

This area doesn’t have to be dedicated to gift wrapping 24/7 in your home. Since you only wrap presents every once in a while, this spot should definitely multitask, and serve other functions most of the time.

Further, when considering what area to choose, think about how often you really need to wrap presents. If you do it only about twice a year, for instance, don’t give the storage as prime of real estate as if you’ve got to wrap presents every single month.

Step 4: Choose The Right Gift Wrap Storage Solutions For You

There are all kinds of ways to store your wrapping supplies, with both homemade or commercial products you can use.

The most common storage solutions include those that:

  • Hang in the closet
  • Store under the bed; or
  • Hang over the door

An under the bed organizer may work best if you don’t have lots of closet space to store supplies. Which type of storage solution you choose should depend on how many supplies you have, and where you want to create your wrapping center. The possibilities are really endless.

For example, a great way to organize wrapping paper and other supplies without buying a special organizer is to use a dresser, perhaps one in a rarely used guest room. You can place your materials and supplies within the drawers and then use the dresser’s flat surface to actually wrap the gifts.

Step 5: Tips For Keeping Your Gift Wrapping Center Organized

holiday gift wrapping organization

No matter how you choose to store and organize wrapping paper, a few actions now will help keep that area organized from now on. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Keep wrapping paper rolls from unwrapping between uses by using rubber bands around the top and bottom, or cut a slit lengthwise down an empty old roll of paper and wrap it around the newer roll.

Folded tissue paper or wrapping paper sheets need to stay flat, preferably laid between 2 pieces of cardboard or other stiff material to keep them from bending or crumpling while in storage.

Use a piece of tape to secure the loose end of each ribbon roll between uses, to keep them from unwinding while in storage and everything getting tangled together.

Use a gift bag to store other folded gift bags, bows, gift tags, and even your scissors and tape to keep everything together in a convenient area.

As you wrap a present and run out of a supply, make sure to mark it down on your shopping list for the week, and get a replacement so the next time you use your wrapping center you have everything you need to get your present ready!

Need help with holiday organization? Or holiday home decorating? The helpful holiday home styling elves at Just Organized by Taya are always on standby! Contact us here or call 832-271-7608 to discuss your needs and make an appointment.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Holiday Gift Wrapping Organization
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Step-by-Step Guide to Holiday Gift Wrapping Organization
Here are some of my top tips for holiday gift wrapping organization that you can make use of all year long too, for any gift giving occasion.
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