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July 17, 2020

Redecorating a kid’s room can be a wonderful project to take on. Figuring out creative ways to make your child’s personal spaces whimsical yet functional is a fun design challenge. And watching their faces light up when it’s all done? Priceless.

Recently, popular home design website Houzz conducted a survey of their users who have “recently completed, are working on or are planning a home project with kids in mind.”

The results provide an interesting look at what’s currently trending in the world of children’s rooms. If you’re about to embark on creating a special room for a child, keep the following in mind.

Themed Rooms Rock

Close to 70% of respondents said their kids’ ‘new’ rooms have themes. The most popular looks, in order: nature, animals, sports, and princesses. But note: kids grow up quickly and tastes change just as quickly. Today’s trendy decor may look dated tomorrow.

To save yourself money, and the hassle of completely redecorating the space in a few years, make use of items that can be easily removed and replaced. Make use of stick on wall decals rather than painted murals and keep the color of the walls themselves nice and neutral.


Form and Function

Functionality and maintenance are top priorities when designing a kid’s room. Seventy-one percent of respondents said they wanted a space that was easy to clean and maintain, and 64% said they needed a functional setup.

To achieve this try to stick to materials that are both washable and durable, including any paint. You should also consider the mess factor when choosing flooring. Carpet is lovely and soft, but if you will be opting for a carpeted room choose an option that features Stainguard.

This special formula resists both water and oil based spills, so it will help prevent all kinds of staining from the juice that little kids have an uncanny knack of spilling on the floor to accidents with nail polish when teens are getting ready in a rush.

Blue Reigns Supreme

Fifty-nine percent of the survey respondents said blue is the dominant color for kids’ rooms, followed by white, gray, green, and pink. As I mentioned earlier however, try to keep the color palette as neutral as possible. For example, if your child is a fan of pink try to look for a cooler, pink tinged white paint for walls that will grow with them, rather than a bright bubblegum shade that will delight them when they are five but drive them crazy in just a few years when their tastes mature.

Keep Clutter Under Control

Nearly 70% of participants cited clutter as a challenge. Make toy management a priority in your kids’ rooms. Oversized bins in fun colors and/or closet storage systems are key to keeping toys and “stuff” out of sight and out of mind.

For older kids include organizers that allow them to keep their stuff – cosmetics, video games, books etc – better organized and easier to find. And closet organizers are a must for kids, no matter how old they are. If you struggle with home organization projects there is never any shame in calling in a home organization professional to help.

Keep an Eye on the Costs

The cost of redecorating a kid’s room varies. Of respondents who had completed their project, one-third spent $1,500 or less. Establish a budget before starting; it’s easy to get carried away with cute decor and playful features. And unlike adults, kids don’t notice the difference between the more expensive option and a more affordable one.

Shopping carefully will help costs under control and enlisting the aid of a professional interior designer can actually also save you money – as strange as that may sound at first – as they can help you make sure everything is done right the first time, that the decor will grow with child successfully and that everything you purchase has a purpose (which will also help reduce clutter in the future)


Finally, involve your kids in the decisions. Even the little ones After all, it is their room.

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