One of the things about being forced to spend more time at home, as we all were during the pandemic – is that you begin to notice things you’ve possibly been too busy to before.

Like how cluttered and disorganized parts of your home are. Or how hard it is to stay organized when you are trying to work from home, keep the kids (and pets) occupied and, in many cases, focused on their online study.

Now that things are pretty much back to normal, you’d love to do something about that disorganization. But you are so busy and not sure when you could work with a professional organizer like myself. Or you want to do most of the work yourself but could sure use some one on one help to get you started.  Allow me to introduce you to a concept called virtual organizing.

What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual Organizing is a collaborative process with a professional organizer via your phone or computer aimed to help you improve your physical and electronic spaces as well as your overall productivity.

Your Virtual Organizer – that’s me! – helps you identify the best strategies and appropriate products or systems that fulfill your organizing vision and creating the best possible results. Not only do you have an organizer who can provide advice and direction if you get stuck, but you also have a positive supporter who will bolster your commitment when things are looking hard to achieve.

This is a service I have provided for a select group of clients for some time – even clients living hundreds of miles away from Houston – but have never had the chanced to work on expanding before.

But now, as more people have inquired if virtual organizing is something I offer, I’m expanding that service, both to those living in the Houston area I love to serve and beyond, perhaps in places where it’s usually harder to find a great home organizer in general.

Is Virtual Organizing right for you? Are you…

  • Struggling with the challenge of keeping things organized – and trying not to get lost in the clutter – while still living your day-to-day life?
  • Ready and committed to doing the hands-on work yourself, able to lift and move your own belongings.
  • Located in or outside the Greater Houston area, but interested in working with one of its top professional home organizers?
  • Tired of reading organizing how-to books – I see that Marie Kondo book under the coffee table – and not seeing the success you hoped for
  • Familiar with using email (including sending and receiving attachments such as photographs).
  • Comfortable talking on the phone or using Zoom or other video conferencing software and following verbal instructions.
  • Ready to articulate when you’re getting stuck or frustrated. I’m here to listen

If you answered yes to these questions, then Virtual Professional Organization can be a great solution for you, whether you live in the Greater Houston area or not.

My Virtual Organization Process

My Virtual Organizing process is very personalized, and as ‘hands on’ as it can be while at a distance. Once you book your appointment, I will send you a brief pre-consult questionnaire (just like I do for my in person clients) and then schedule a mutually convenient time for us to meet via Skype, Zoom or other platform.

When we meet virtually, I will ask you to show me the space you’d like help with, and I will literally talk you through the process. Talk, not order. This is a process that’s different for everyone, and every session is set up to make clients feel comfortable and confident. In fact, thanks to the ‘magic’ of the Internet, the Virtual Organizing experience can be very close to the ‘real thing’.

I will work with you to develop a plan of action that identifies your decluttering and organizational goals and the actionable projects necessary for you to achieve them. Then, we will create a schedule for your independent hands-on work and for your virtual organizing sessions.

As an introduction to this service, I’m currently offering two hour initial virtual organizing sessions at a very special introductory rate of $350 for a full two-hour session. This fee includes the pre consultation, the session itself and follow-up emails and check ins to see how you are progressing. If we need longer – or you have several projects to tackle – I will be happy to discuss ongoing service packages.

It’s finally time to get more organized and declutter your spaces. Any and all of your spaces. That cluttered fridge and pantry. That kitchen that always seems to be too full of stuff. The kids bedrooms that have you tearing your hair out. Your home office that you wish was better set up to do some serious work. Any space you like.

Book your Virtual Organization session here. More questions? Feel free to call me at 832-271-7608 or contact me here.

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