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Lots of people are finding themselves very unexpectedly working from home right now. And if you are not used to that, chances are that the home office desk you’ve put – or are putting together – is not the most streamlined or organized space right now. Or the biggest

When you are working in a smaller space, it’s hard enough to find room for a home office desk, let alone a big desk with drawers and tons of storage space. So many people are repurposing tables, using their kids old desks, working with a dining table and more; basically whatever they have as a big shopping trip is out right now too.

The good news is, you don’t need a cabinet full of drawers attached to your desk to store all your things—just use the space you do have to your advantage. Here are some tips and tricks can help you make the most of organizing your home office desk, desk, even if drawers are not included.

Use a Monitor Stand

A very easy way to quickly add some extra space to your desk is to put your computer on a monitor stand or riser. If you buy one, from an online outlet like Amazon or Staples, they will usually come with a place to store other items underneath – like office supplies, files, other gadgets and more.

You can also find tutorials on YouTube to make your own, which is great if you are handy, but make sure that whatever you build can hold you monitor safely.

Use the Walls

Most people, in an effort to create a workspace where there was not one before will place their (makeshift) desk near a wall. And that wall offers some serious organizational real estate. Corkboards, white boards, Command hooks and more can all help gets tons of clutter off your desk but keep it close at hand so you can find stuff fast.

Add a Makeshift Home Office Desk Side Rail

The sides of your desk are also prime real estate for storing and organizing your things. You can attach wire to the side rim of your desk to hold up plastic containers filled with pens, pencils and more. You could also attach hooks for headphones and other supplies, or put up tension rods between the desk legs to hang items.

Keep Those Cords Organized

Trailing charger cords from all of your electronics – and you probably have a lot of them – can disorganized and messy quickly in a small space. The answer? Attach binder clips to the back or side of your desk, then thread the cords through the loop to keep them accessible and organized. You can add sticky washy tape to made things look cooler and brighter.

Find Ways to Cut Down on Clutter

The less ‘desk stuff’ you have, the less you’ll need to organize. For example, instead of keeping tons of paper notebooks around, invest in a Rocket Notebook instead. Basically it’s a reusable notebook – the pages are erasable and reusable – and you can send your notes to several cloud services, including Sling, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and more. That will save you time as well as cut down on clutter.

And limit the number of pens, pencils and stickies you keep on your desk. Yes, maybe you did buy economy packs in a hurry, but you really only need a few pens, pencils and Post-It notepads, so store the rest in the kitchen drawer!

These are just a few ideas, but for those who need more help I have a very special offer. I will use all my resources as a professional organizer to help you transform your home office space in just 30 minutes, working via Zoom, using what you already have at home and just the space(s) you have to work with.

These sessions cost just $45 and are booking up fast, so to get your desk organized, as well as the rest of your home office space give me a call at 832-271-7608 or contact me here and book an appointment. You don’t have to be in Houston for this one, I can work with anyone, anywhere, as long as you have Internet!

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