Houston Home Design Ideas: Walk-In Closets

July 10, 2020

If you ever watch any of those ‘at home with celebrities’ type shows on TV, you’ll know that at least half of them have these huge walk-in closets in their homes that not only look cool but decadent as well.

Then you switch off the TV and look at your own closet. A full to the brim mess of not just your clothes but your other half’s as well. There are clothes in there that haven’t seen the light day in months if not years and that is not necessarily because you don’t like them but because they are so hidden among the clutter that you forgot they existed.

You always mean to devote a day to closet organization but never quite get around to it. What would really be great is to have one of those ritzy walk-in closets right about now, except such things really are just for the rich and famous.

Except they really are not. If your home has a small spare room, or even a wall in the existing closet that can be knocked out to steal a little space from an adjoining space then you can have a walk-in closet and this home interior design and renovation project can cost an awful lot less than you might imagine.

The Basics

There are two types of basic ‘skeleton’ for a walk-in closet; wall mounted and floor mounted. Wall-mounted closet units are attached directly onto the wall or sometimes hung from a rail that has been securely mounted on the wall.

Floor mount closets are also attached to the wall, but they are supported from the floor up, making them sturdier and giving them a built-in cabinetry look.

Both are good options and both have their own set of pros and cons. To most people the cabinet like look of a floor mount set up is more visually appealing, but it is also more expensive to buy and install. On the other hand, wall mounts are cheaper, but they can also be less durable and sturdy.

The Design

Creating a practical and attractive walk-in closet will take more in terms of design planning than painting the walls and throwing up the racks though. Some of the best walk-in closets are those that function as a full dressing room, so that the closets are hugging the walls and the center space is available for other furniture; a couch or chaise lounge, a mirror, perhaps even a decorative dress form.

The Implementation

It is possible to design and build a walk-in closet yourself, as long as you are sticking to a simple system from a big box store that is not too complicated to put together.

If you know that you do not have the skills, time or patience to complete the project, or you are most concerned about making the most of a smaller space and still having the results look great then working with an experienced interior designer, and maybe even a general contractor as well, really would be the right way to go.

Another very important component of great walk-in closets is the right lighting. To ensure that you get that – and you will need both task and ambient lighting – you will need the help of an interior design and closet organization pro, both to get the design right and to ensure that everything is fully functional.

You should also create a closet organization plan right from the start. Even the largest closets in the world can become cluttered nightmares if you do not implement organization tactics from day one. Consult with a closet organization specialist, and they can help you not only make such a plan but ensure you don’t fill your brand-new space with things you don’t need.

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