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Getting into the spirit of the spooky season with Halloween home decorating doesn’t have to mean giving up your stylish design cred. Without forfeiting your more sophisticated design tastes it is possible to get into the spooky vibe. Oh yes, no tacky plastic skeletons and no inflatable bugs here.

Downsize Those Jack-O-Lanterns

Size extremes still look chic. Since it sounds like a Halloween nightmare to lug 300 pounds of pumpkin out when the Halloween decorating season is over, instead opt for groups of small, pint-sized jack-o-lanterns.

Keep it Simple and Monochromatic

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean your house needs to be orange. Decorate with white pumpkins, gourds, and mums rather than the traditional bright orange pumpkin route.

Go for Glamorous Faces

Instead of the standard strange and scary face pattern, try carving simple geometric patterns with circles or squares into larger pumpkins for an unconventional – and rather glamorous – Halloween home decorating twist.

Paint Don’t Pierce

Skip stabbing your pumpkins this year – and all the little ouchies doing so usually causes – and paint them instead. You can get every bit as creative and it will add some simple spooky style with a lot less mess and pain involved.

Don’t Get Too Black

Black may be timeless, but for Halloween it can feel a little ho-hum. Make your Halloween decorating a breath of fresh air by going for an all-white theme instead. It’s still nice and spooky, but not to dark.

Do Go Dark Though

With flowers that is. There are some gorgeous fall blooms that are darker in hue. Great choices include Heuchera – also known as coral bells – Celosia, Hellbore and of course darker chrysanthemums like the ones seen above.

Use Creepy Cutouts

One excellent way to add a creepy Halloween vibe to your home that’s a little more subtle is to make use of cardboard silhouettes in your windows.

Add Some Scares to Your Cooking

Leave your family – and your guests – feeling a little uneasy about just what you might be cooking up in the kitchen by adding a few of these suspicious looking decorative plates to the walls.

They are very easy to create – just black and white med school style images printed of from the Internet and then affixed to plain plates – but they will creep people out in a nice, subtle way.

You can also add to the sense of doom and gloom in your kitchen by spraying some inexpensive vases or mason jars with matte black or white paint and then displaying them prominently on a shelf or even just scattered around your space.

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