Bathroom Organization and Storage Tips for Every Home

July 13, 2020

Although the kitchen is perhaps just as busy, the bathroom in any home is one of the busiest spots in the house. It’s where we bathe, get beautiful (which usually involves a lot of stuff) and basically prepare to meet our day in great shape (or end it hygienically)

Given it is such a busy space, bathroom organization and proper bathroom storage is a must. Proper bathroom storage is not just a matter of having enough shelves however.

When planning bathroom storage there are several unique to the space issues that you need to keep in mind:

  • Heat and humidity
  • An abundance of little things to store, everything from soaps and shampoos and razors to those neat little Korean face masks and all those make up brushes.
  • Odd, bulky electric bathroom tools that need to be stored.

If kids make use of the bathroom, there are bath toys and even more ‘stuff’ that needs to be found a home.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when you are determining where to put what on your journey towards a better organized bathroom.

Closed Storage Works Best

Open storage is trendy, and can look wonderful in the kitchen, but in bathroom – especially a smaller bathroom – it does not work so well. Having drawers and doors to help conceal all the sometimes less than attractive necessities of your get-ready routine can be a godsend.

Organized and Concealed Are NOT the Same Thing

Just because you have a place – or places – to hide bathroom ‘stuff’ away does not mean you have an excuse to allow things to become cluttered and disorganized. Take the time to add new layers or organization, by making use of baskets, buckets and shelving where appropriate. And if something – a blunted razor, an almost empty bottle of conditioner – is longer useful throw it out!

Finding A Dedicated Spot for Your Hairdryer Will Be a Game Changer

Hairdryers are usually bulky, oddly shaped and don’t really fit in any drawer very neatly. Yet most of us use them a lot, so they do need to be in the bathroom. By making use of holsters or hooks designed to store it, or hanging it up in a pretty basket or a French net market bag you’ll give your hairdryer a proper home, improving your bathroom storage and organization and save yourself time in the morning because it will be right there at hand.

If you have lots of styling tools, and many of us do, investing in a rack like the one below may be one of the nest home organization purchases you can make for your bathroom.

Medicine Should Never Be Kept in the Medicine Cabinet

Although it might sound strange, medicine should never be stored in the medicine cabinet in your bathroom. The heat and humidity in the space – even in a well-ventilated bathroom there is a certain amount of this – can seriously impair the effectiveness of many medications.

If you really need to store medicines in the bathroom, keep the bottles stored in an airtight plastic container and find that a spot in a nice, cool place (maybe under the sink) so that they remain organized and effective.

Don’t Leave Bath Mats on the Floor

A bath mat is a must in the bathroom, but wet ones should never be left on the floor. Even in the short time they take to dry out in a well-ventilated the moisture can penetrate the flooring beneath and encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which is both very unhealthy for you and terribly damaging to your floors.

If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, hand wet bathmats over the side to dry. if not, add a rack or hook near the shower so it can be hung there.

Need help organizing or decluttering your bathroom(s)? Let the Organized by Taya team do the hard work while teaching you how to maintain a better bathroom in the future. Contact us here to discuss your project.

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