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June 8, 2020

In my professional life, I help people organize more than just their homes, I help them learn to better organize their lives as well, as the two concepts really do go together. And, like so many other things in life these days, I’m finding that there are an increasing number of apps – many of them free – that I can recommend to clients – and make use of myself – to help organize their lives at work, at home and even ‘at play’. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best of them.


InboxVudu might be your overstuffed inbox’s new best friend. Once installed, it sits quietly in the background only making itself known when you’re in danger of missing an important email or forgetting to follow up with someone on time.

It analyzes your incoming and outgoing mail to work out what you need to act on. Use it to stay on top of important requests as they enter your inbox and to remind you of sent messages you need to follow up on.

Learn More Here | Download for iOS | Add to Chrome


QuickKey is a custom keyboard that allows you to pre-define “snippets” of text – like your e-mail addresses, common phrases and more – so that you can quickly sign in to apps, fill out forms, or type custom phrases.

If you’ve ever accidentally mistyped your e-mail address when signing up for something, or ordered something online and had to type in your address multiple times, you know how tedious -and error prone – it can be. QuickKey makes it easy. With a single tap, you can type in your e-mail address, forms can be filled out easily, inserting each segment of your name and address as needed and it will even help make sending messages faster and easier, which can only be a good thing.

Learn More Here | Download for iOS

Slide Mail

Too much email can be such a time suck. We all seem to spend too much time sifting through our inboxes, time that could be better spent doing something more productive. SlideMail  offers a more intelligent approach to email. It’ll help you manage, sort and even reply to incoming email and comes integrated with your favorite apps, the ones already installed on your device.

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Getting pictures, videos, and other files from your computer onto your phone – or vice versa – should be quick and painless. Portal helps by making it as easy as drag and drop. It is very easy to use. Just open the app and pull up on Pushbullet on your computer and you’re ready to go. Also, files are transferred over your WiFi connection which mean they don’t count toward your mobile data limit. It’s great for work, for all those personal photos and even for creating just the right playlists for your day (or evening)

Learn More Here | Download for Android

Wander Co

Love to be outdoors? Love Instagram and Pinterest? Share every aspect of your adventures from the photos you take to the routes you walk and find awesome hikes, walks, rides, and drives around you at the same time. Share your journals with friends and followers on Wander and other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Show some love by liking and commenting on your favorite journals kept by other outdoor fans. As most of us are likely to be adventuring closer to home this summer this app can help you discover new local places to go, things to do and even maybe find some new friends.

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Goals are a must for a more organized, productive and successful life. Level helps you commit to your goal every day and take a step closer to personal fulfillment. One goal, two reminders, every day.

Often the most effective actions are the ones we repeat every day. Personal growth comes from conscious action- small, doable daily goals repeated over and over gain.  This app helps you ensure that you stick to a commitment to perform the tasks – and meet the goals – you need to get more organized and generally live better.

Learn More Here | Download for iOS

My Reasons

This is an app I love. We all want to be better. Whether building new, good habits or breaking old, bad ones, there are reasons behind wanting to better yourself. My Reasons puts those reasons front and center to keep you motivated to be the best you can be. My Reasons keeps track of your progress in forming better habits as you mark off your successes each day, but it goes much further than that.

Add photos and text to each habit which represent your reasons for wanting to make or break that habit. Whenever you need inspiration, simply launch My Reasons and a beautiful animation of your reasons helps keep you motivated to stay the course.

Learn More Here | Download for iOS

Need help organizing any aspect of your life or home? Or both? That’s where a professional organizer can make all the difference. Contact Just Organized by Taya today to discuss exactly how my team and I can help you.


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