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Halloween could look a little different this year, like most things affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In several states, cases are still climbing, and that gives families concerns about being able to safely trick or treat and enjoy a COVID safe Halloween.

A Party City survey reveals that 96 percent of parents are still planning to celebrate Halloween this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to take the kids for typical trick-or-treating around the block. Around 70 percent of respondents say they are searching for alternatives to trick-or-treating, either by planning parades or other community activities or holding a fun Halloween party at home.

If you are looking for ways to organize a COVID safe Halloween celebration that will make your kids Halloween dreams come true while remaining as safe as possible here are some clever – and creative – ways to organize a 2020 Halloween celebration that they will remember for all the right reasons.

Organize a Haunted ‘Egg Hunt’

In the spring, egg hunts are a popular way of celebrating Easter. With a Halloween twist, why not recreate the idea to add some spooky fun to October as well?

Plastic eggs are still available in most dollar stores or online. Choose spooky colored ones and fill them with candy treats and Halloween trinkets like plastic spiders, mini skeletons and other creepy stuff. Then scatter them around your house or yard for kids to track down.

This concept can work for single families staying at home, or it can be a way to encourage trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood to stop for candy at your house while still maintaining social distance. Scatter your lawn with eggs, and children can easily pick up one or two of them.

Organize a COVID Safe Halloween Costume Parade

For youngsters, costumes are a big part of every celebration of Halloween, and if they didn’t get to show off their new Paw Patrol mask or fake mermaid tail, it would be incredibly disappointing. The remedy? Have a Halloween costume parade.

In the same neighborhood or apartment complex, the parade can be coordinated with kids and their parents, and they can remain socially distanced while marching down a safe, designated route. Parents can play music, wave glow sticks and blow bubbles. For your specific area and needs, there are, in fact, a million ways to customize the event.

Stage a Neighborhood Halloween Decorating Contest

This could be the perfect year to build a fancy fake graveyard on the front lawn or make your apartment door look like the entrance to a haunted mansion. And then encourage your neighbors to do the same and stage a friendly Halloween decorating competition.

Before the big night itself families can check out the decorations by taking a drive around the neighborhood, or they can take a socially distant stroll to see it all. In order to vote for the best decorations, social media tools like Facebook or NextDoor are free and easy to use.

Organize a Halloween Door Drop

Skip the trick-or-treating from door to door and instead deliver Halloween goody baskets to your kid’s closest relatives or friends. Put together some candy baskets, add a card and some fun Halloween trinkets to leave on people’s doorsteps.

Things like glow sticks, funny glasses, favorite candies or kid-made crafts can be included in the baskets. You might also consider making a themed basket with popcorn, movie theater-style candy boxes and a spooky DVD or a streaming service gift card. There is no need for the gifts to be lavish, and you can make a short list of people who will receive them. The idea is to create a simple surprise that brightens up the Halloween season safely for those you care about.

Make a DIY Halloween Advent Calendar

Advent calendars add a lot of fun to the Christmas holiday season for kids – and adults – so why shouldn’t Halloween be the same? The best thing about this idea is that it’s an art project, too. Kids can help determine how to decorate it, or to personalize it using their favorite characters and colors.

All you’ll need to get started is a plain wooden advent-style calendar with little drawers, which are easy to find at both physical craft stores and online at sites like Amazon. And while these sorts of calendars often have a small candy offered as a treat each day, you can also customize it with small toys, holiday-themed erasers, stickers and other fun, non-candy surprises to keep the kids’ daily sugar levels down.

Need help with seasonal organization, or home organization in general as the busy winter holiday season approaches? Contact us today, we’ll be happy to help.

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