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In less time than it takes to fold a stack of towels, a kid’s bathroom can go from neat-as-a-pin to a total disaster. If you have one child or a crowd of kids sharing a bathroom, when it comes to cleaning up that all-important room, some creative organizing and design tips will save you time and hassle. Here are some simple ideas to try in your child’s bathroom.

Taming Towel Clutter

The goal of many parents is to keep wet towels off the floor of a kid’s bathroom. When the bathroom is used by multiple children, this is increasingly difficult.

One easy way to solve this is to replace a standard towel rack with a hat rack; pick an oversized rack for more flexibility with six or more hooks. Alternately, if you want to stick with classic hanging hooks encourage kids to solve the towel problem themselves. Paint the name of each child, or better yet, place a picture of them above their hook. This will prevent arguments (who used MY towel) and help you keep track of them for laundry day.

Lose Those Laundry Woes

Most people typically keep laundry hampers in the bedroom of each family member if you don’t have a laundry shoot. But do clothes fail to make the journey to their proper destination from the bathroom before a shower? Placing a hamper in the bathroom can provide a simple dump zone for dirty clothes for your children.

Plastic bins in the bathroom are a great alternative option to a laundry hamper for your bathroom if you have younger children. If the kids – and their clothes – end up very wet after an afternoon in the pool or playing in the rain, plastic bins are ideal for wet laundry. Better still, you can take the bin to the laundry room easily or even rinse it out in the shower.

Make Clean Up a Cinch

Your children’s bathroom may need to be cleaned twice as often as your own. Who knows what’s going on in there! Save yourself a little time by making space right in the bathroom for your cleaning supplies. A compact caddy works well and fits under the sink neatly and easily.

Consider providing a clean up ‘cheat sheet’ – and a cleaning roster for several kids – with the cleaning supplies if your children are old enough to be part of the clean-up team. That way they have no reason – or excuse – to forget to clean the toilet bowl or the mirror.

Declutter with Daily Use Totes

One of the most effective things you can do to help the kids keep their own bathroom organized is to set up daily use bags or totes for each child. Fill the bags with each child’s toiletries—deodorant, hair supplies, or whatever else they might need. This is particularly helpful as the kids get older.

Store the totes out of site in a linen closet or drawer. If you don’t have the space to hide them, a shelf works just as well. And when it comes time for the kids to travel, your children’s bathroom belongings are already ready to go! Just throw the daily use bag or tote into an overnight bag or suitcase

For an added degree of organization, you can color code everything. Each child gets a color. His or her bin, toothbrush, hairbrush—even towels—can be the same color, making it easy to find the owner of any item in the bathroom.

Reclaim Lost Space

Often, one of the biggest issues in kids bathrooms is simply a lack of space. With a little ingenuity, though, you can easily reclaim some of that lost space for storage. For example, are you taking advantage of the back of your bathroom door? What about the doors of your vanity? There’s another potential storage space for you right there!

There are lots of great hanging solutions designed for use in these spaces and making use of at least a few of them can add tons of much needed storage space neatly to even the smallest space.

Organizing your kid’s bathroom is about more than looks. An afternoon (or morning, or evening) spent organizing the space will make mornings – and evenings – easier on everyone and save you tons of time cleaning. Still not sure where to start with kids bathroom organization? Give us a call, our professional organizers will be happy to help.

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