Most of us are very good at coming up with reasons to justify why we keep more than we need to. It was a gift from my best friend’s aunt. It used to fit me five years ago, it might again and I did pay $100 for it. One day I might need to cook for so many people during the holidays that a few extra crock pots will come in handy. Most of these types of excuses are pretty lame, but we hold on to them anyway.

If you are reading this piece, you have an issue with clutter. Perhaps you feel like your home is slowly drowning in clutter but you don’t know where to start to fix the situation. Maybe you have a relatively tidy home but you want to minimize more. Maybe you try to keep a clutter free home but struggle to get rid of things and that derails your efforts from time to time.

Whatever your reasons for reading this post, you almost certainly dream of a peaceful space free of clutter. Well, unfortunately the only way to get there is hard work. Decluttering is a challenge, but asking yourself these questions – and answering them honestly – can be a great way to get started when organizing your home.

Do I Actually Use It?

If something is taking up space in your kitchen cupboards, in your laundry room, in your basement or even in your closet, and you haven’t used it or worn it in the last twelve months then it’s highly unlikely that you ever will.

Even if you paid a lot of money for something if you are not making use of it, it needs to go. The money is gone anyway, and if it’s something that happens to be in good shape you may be able to recoup some of your investment on eBay, Thredup or via a ‘real world’ consignment shop.

Do I Have Too Many Things That Do the Same Thing?

Often we have too many things in our home that do the same thing. Do you really need three crock pots? Or two toasters? Is there are reason that you keep five different cleaners under your kitchen sink that all do the same things but simply have different scents?

Taking a look at things that essentially serve the same purpose and then choosing just one to keep can be an excellent way to clear out more clutter than you might think.

Am I Keeping This Because I Think I Should?

Most of us have things in our home that we are holding onto not because we particularly like them but because we feel obligated to do so.

A particularly expensive gift from a friend that really isn’t your thing but you know that they had very good intentions when they bought it. A rather garish dinner service you hold onto because it was your mother’s. Things that don’t (as Marie Kondo would say) bring you joy but that you are afraid to part ways with for fear of offending someone.

This is a hard one because you want to be careful not to step on toes or hurt other’s feelings. If it’s something that was passed down from family, maybe you could see if a sibling or cousin might like the item. However, don’t force it on someone else either.

If no one wants the item, then chances are you and your children will be dealing with it for years to come. So let it go, and maybe in a new home it will bring someone else joy while also helping you with organizing your home.

Am I Keeping This For Sentimental Reasons?

This may be the hardest issue of all. Much of the clutter in our homes is made up of things we are keeping for sentimental reasons. And some of those things probably do have a place. But that’s the key, you have to be able to find them a place. And the truth is, sometimes taking a few pictures of something that you really don’t use, but might be able to help – or bring joy – to someone else is just as emotionally satisfying as keeping it hidden away in a box in a closet.

By asking yourself these questions as you begin declutter your home, you will be able to let go of clutter and be left with so much more space, a bigger sense of peace, and a beautiful, tidy home! And if you need some extra input, or even just an extra pair of hands when organizing your home, then don’t forget that the Just Organized by Taya team is just a phone call away.

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