Searching through a cluttered mound of random stuff in your overstuffed beauty bag to find what you’re looking for certainly detracts from the experience of getting ready, and often will not lead to that polished look you are hoping for. It’s also not the best way to store those expensive goodies you treated yourself to at Sephora last week.

I’ve written before about the best ways to organize your makeup in your bathroom at home, but almost all of us also carry a makeup bag with us, especially when heading to work or school and certainly when going on vacation. And they can get very disorganized very fast.

It’s time to give your makeup bag an organizational refresh if sitting down to do your makeup has become a chore rather than a pleasure owing to the cluttered mess that is your makeup bag.

Here I’m going to share ten ways to help you clean and organize your beauty bag, so it can go from cluttered to streamlined and, as a result, so will your makeup routine.

Do a Makeup Bag Inventory

Knowing what’s lurking inside your makeup bag is the first step in cleaning and organizing it. While this may seem self-evident, you could be shocked at what products are hidden beneath the clutter.

Dump your bag’s contents and evaluate what you use and don’t need. To reduce clutter to a minimum, anything that you will never use should be recycled or disposed of. For a daily use bag – the one you take to work for example – keep only what you really need ‘on hand’ and leave the rest at home.

Check Your Makeup’s Expiration Dates

While you may be tempted to keep your favorite mascara or foundation around even if it’s getting old, check sure the makeup you’re using isn’t past its expiration date. It’s important to just keep makeup for the amount of time specified on the product’s container. Check your cosmetics for unpleasant odors, separation, and discoloration if you’re not sure when to toss them out. It’s time to dump it if you see any of this.

Keep Sponges And Brushes In Order

While keeping your beauty tools handy makes logical sense, stuffing your sponges and makeup brushes in your cosmetic bag can result in a massive mess and damaged tools. If something leaks or spills, everything will be affected. Your brushes, your cosmetics, the inside of the makeup bag itself. Discovering that kind of disaster when you go to do that lunchtime touchup can ruin your day, to say the least.

What I recommended is to store them in a small pouch or bag within your makeup bag to keep them safe and organized. It’ll also make it a lot easier to find just the tool you need, which will save you lots of time too.

Invest in Multiuse Products

Focusing on multipurpose products is a terrific approach to keeping your cosmetic bag light and clutter-free.

For example, instead of keeping both a setting powder and a powder foundation on hand, choose a product that accomplishes both. If you’re short on space, you can also utilize a single product that replaces both your lipstick and a blush instead of carrying both in on a daily basis.

Wipe Each Product Down

When you’re satisfied with the contents of your beauty bag, the next step is to clean the outsides before repacking them. Using a wet cloth or a water-based cleanser, clean your goods to remove crud-like smudged mascara or leaking makeup from the exterior container.

Wipe The Makeup Bag Down

If you’ve been dealing with spills, o if you just haven’t got around to organizing your makeup bag in a while, its interior is likely to be stained and dusty.

To clean the bag, turn it upside down over the garbage can to remove any loose particles. If you’re using a cotton make up bag, wash it in hot water in the washing machine to kill any bacteria. If it’s made of plastic, simply turn it inside out and wipe it down with a makeup remover wipe.

Get More Organized with Clear Plastic Bags

If you have a somewhat larger cosmetic bag, divide your items into smaller, clear plastic bags to make finding specific items much easier. This can also help you keep your makeup bag clean for longer by protecting your products and the cosmetic bag itself if something spills. Try organizing all of your lip cosmetics, all of your eye products, and all of your face products into separate smaller bags.

To Avoid Shattering, Use Cotton Pads

A makeup bag disaster is discovering your favorite eyeshadow palette or face powder entirely smashed. However, daily movements can lead your products to collide with one another, break, and spill.

Avoiding this is simpler and faster than you might believe. Place a thin cotton round on top of the palette or powder, then close the compact normally. This protective cotton covering will aid in the prevention of breakage. This is particularly useful when traveling.

Organize Your Makeup By Size

Instead of randomly dumping all of your products into your cosmetic bag when it’s time to refill it, categorize them by size.

All of the square and circular items, such as face powder, bronzer, and blush, should be lined up in a neat row next to each other. Then gather your long, skinny products, such as eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, and brow gel, in one place.

Consider Getting a Better Beauty Bag

If your makeup bag still seems overstuffed even after you have decluttered and attempted to organize it then it’s probably time to invest in a better beauty bag and start fresh.

Most of us do not want to lug around a big makeup bag, so bigger is not something you’ll want to go for, but opting for a bag that offers smarter storage is a good idea. A ‘mini’ train case like this one won’t take up much more space in your pocketbook or tote but its built-in storage compartments will help you stay a lot more organized!

Simple organization projects like this one are easy, but they are a practical way to demonstrate just how much getting organized can positively impact your life. If you need help to get larger, harder to get started home organization, office organization of life organization started, Just Organized by Taya can help. Book an appointment here or contact us first to discuss your unique organizational needs, we’ll be happy to help.

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