As the official end of summer draws ever closer, and back to school season begins, as we all start thinking about swapping out our summer decor for a more autumnal look many of us also take a look around our homes and think it may just be the perfect time to start changing up the overall decor scheme in at least one or two rooms altogether.

One huge trend right now in the home decorating world which we love is the modern farmhouse look. The classic country look and the more simple contemporary design are ideal complements that come together in the modern farmhouse style.

Since there is so much going on in the world right now, we are craving a little more of the cozier, more comfortable components that can be added to a home. Clean lines and a sleek aesthetic have long been the preferred interiors design, but this decor style softens that a little while still encouraging order and minimalism (things that as clutter haters we love.)

What is the Difference Between Country and Modern Farmhouse Style?

When you hear the word “farmhouse,” you might picture the traditional rustic style, which is possibly a little messy and devoid of a clear design theme. The “contemporary” component of this style is crucial in this situation. Despite the fact that many folks yearn for the charm of a country-style home, they nevertheless want their house to be functional and meet their needs.

All is designed to ensure that you have everything you need to continue to live a modern life with a farmhouse flavor because modern farmhouse is the contemporary interpretation of the rustic style. While there is nothing wrong with rural homes, this style takes our favorite cozy features and adds elegant touches like smooth lines, brushed metals, and neutral tones.

There are numerous ways to accomplish the modern farmhouse aesthetic without going overboard with the country style. For us, a modern farmhouse interior is all about adding layers, patterns, and color to make it homey. A space can be transformed right away by adding materials to the walls, floors, and ceilings, such as limewashed timber look flooring and tile that minimizes the cluttered feel. When choosing textiles, experiment with combining different patterns and textures, such as a thick linen with a smooth velvet in a related color scheme.

Speaking of fabrics, they should adhere to a fairly rigid color scheme to avoid the look becoming too eclectic and rustic and instead making it feel curated and carefully thought out, as one might expect from a modern home.

Why is Modern Farmhouse Such a Hot Decor Trend?

As we spend more time at home, we find ourselves yearning for something a little cozier than the stark minimalism that once served as a nice, clean haven from the outside world.

While incorporating more personality, warmth, and charm into the home speaks to how we’re all feeling right now, the modern design trend is still dominant and desirable.

The past is also celebrated by the modern farmhouse decor style, which serves as a nostalgic reminder of more innocent times without requiring us to give up any of the modern lifestyle conveniences we have grown accustomed to. The modern farmhouse look is a celebration of the traditional style today, with updated interiors that incorporate a modern design ethos.

What’s the First Thing to Do When Choosing Modern Farmhouse Decor?

Before you start incorporating modern farmhouse decor elements into your home, you need to create a clean slate, which means decluttering the spaces you intend to transform. Not just getting rid of junk in this case – although that’s important – but also of any furniture or decor accents that are just not going to fit the new finished look.

What are the Best Colors for Modern Farmhouse Decor?

When you think modern farmhouse, think neutrals. One of the easiest ways to start building up this look is by layering whites, creams and soft grays. By sticking to a largely neutral scheme, you’re adding that contemporary freshness which the style requires.

Think neutrals when you imagine a modern farmhouse. Layering whites, creams, and light grays is one of the simplest ways to begin creating this aesthetic. By maintaining a fairly neutral color palette, you’re giving the style the modern freshness it needs.

An off-white or pale neutral is always an excellent choice to make a room look less stark. Layering and seamless transitions between rooms are made possible by using various neutral tones from the same color family, which creates a sense of uniformity with small differences.

Consider the use of graduated tones of a single color, which is made easier to execute by the organization of their offerings into color families by the majority of the main paint manufacturers.

Can Brighter Colors Be Used in Modern Farmhouse Decor?

Contrasting colors added to the neutral backgrounds are a significant component of putting the “modern” in modern farmhouse. We adore a touch of black. In fact, adding black accents makes a room feel lighter instead of darker! Rugs and furniture look their best against a backdrop of clean white that is properly balanced by the contrast of black.

For lovely glimpses of modernity and personality in your modern farmhouse, look to inky blues, emerald greens, and charcoal grays in addition to black. In terms of accessories like tiled splashbacks, handle colors, or even internal cabinet components, we enjoy experimenting with deeper natural greens, blues, pinks, or terracottas on walls as well as in other areas of the home. Shades of green or deeper blue are frequently used in country settings because they feel natural and provide a sense of stability to the overall design scheme.

Looking to softer shades is another way to use color to express your personality. Pastel pinks and sage greens can provide a feminine touch, with the modern color scheme still holding strong.

What Materials are Best for Modern Farmhouse Decor?

While a strictly modern home would rely on a crisp color scheme of stainless steel, smooth surfaces, and polished stones, a modern farmhouse style would mix these with more organic materials.

You can add the farmhouse charm and coziness you want by combining modern materials with aged finishes. Consider unfinished, natural woods, exposed masonry, leathers, and tiles that have a patina.

Texture is important when creating a modern farmhouse aesthetic, so match neutrals with complementary hues of rich wool, tumbled linens, and mid-century modern furniture made of reclaimed or textured wood. While maintaining an element of the rustic look through texture, these types of decorating schemes give the space a more modern feel than a purely “rural” appearance.

What Decor Accents Work Well in the Modern Farmhouse Look?

The right features and elements can epitomize a modern farmhouse style effectively. However, if you are not careful, it can easily give off a bit too much of an arts-and-crafts vibe (well, if we’re being honest, more “crafts” and less “art”).

To prevent that from happening, here are some modern farmhouse decor ideas to avoid.

Too much distressed furniture. A single good piece of salvaged furniture can be a beautiful element in your modern farmhouse room. But there is also a point where it can be too much. Don’t use any overly distressed pieces, and definitely stay away from anything that is even remotely “shabby chic”. Make sure that if you do introduce any distressed elements, they are well-made and don’t look like a failed upcycle project!

Prop additions. Adding stylish country elements doesn’t mean needlessly incorporating props like bicycles and vintage signage – they would probably look better at your local pub. Remember that all elements should be sophisticated and purposeful. Try not to use anything too literally “farmhouse”.

Mason jars. Using mason jars for what they are actually meant to be used for is ok: i.e. storing consumables (ideally shut away in a kitchen cupboard). But we would steer very clear from incorporating mason jars into your decor in any way, shape or form, if you want to keep things looking chic.

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