+ Great Storage Options to Help You Get a Better Organized Playroom

In any home, playrooms can quickly become cluttered and disorganized. There are numerous advantages to setting up a playroom for your children, but there are just as many reasons to make a conscious effort to keep it organized.

Here are some of the most common – and important – reasons for conscious playroom organization.

10 Reasons to Make a Playroom Organization Plan

Less picking up, cleaning, and dusting with better organization and less clutter.

Do you really have the time to spend hours a week trying to clear and clean a messy playroom? Of course you don’t. Playroom organization will cut your cleaning time significantly on an ongoing basis.

Making a home for everything helps to clear the floors, making sweeping and vacuuming easier.

Too many pieces of Lego or little doll clothes ending up in the vacuum cleaner? Playroom organization will help prevent that, safeguarding both your cleaning tools and those toys you spent money on to be played with, not to accidentally end up in the garbage when you empty the vacuum cleaner bag.

You can host playdates at your house on a regular basis.

Hosting playdates if your kids playroom is messy is embarrassing and something lots of parents avoid, because they just don’t want other parents to judge them. A good playroom organization session, that comes with an ongoing plan, will allow you to invite your friends kids (and their parents) over with pride (and the other parents may end up wondering just how you have it all so together.)

Everyone will feel more at ease and the room will be more visually appealing.

If you think kids don’t get bothered by a messy playroom (even if they made the mess) you’re wrong. Being unable to find what they want leads to frustration, which in turn may lead to those ‘I’m bored’ choruses or even to temper tantrums.

You’ll be able to establish family rules for storing different types of toys.

Any child over the age of three or so should really help to pick up the toys in their playroom at the end of a session there. Proper playroom organization creates a system that makes it easier for them to do so.

With everything organized, your children will be able to find toys faster.

See number 4. If your kids can find their toys your life will get a whole lot easier.

Book shelves that are well-organized will make books more accessible and encourage reading.

We all want our kids to read more, but they won’t if they can’t see the books on offer. Maintaining organized bookshelves – and switching out books when the child ages out of the demographic they are aimed at – can help foster that love of reading.

Board game activities will go more smoothly if your kids can find games quickly.

Board games are a great way to stimulate a kid’s brain and to encourage special family time. They are no fun, however, if half of the pieces are missing.

Setting up toy organizational systems in the playroom will make toy cleanup a breeze.

Neither you or your children really want to waste time on toy clean up when there are better, or more pressing, things to do. An organized playroom can usually be cleaned up in half the time (or better) than a messy, disorganized one can.

With an organized playroom, bringing new toys into the playroom after birthdays or holidays will be much easier.

If you set up a system of toy rotation and toy organization you won’t need to dread that all those new toys will be ignored, lost of broken.

Toy Storage Solutions For an Organized Playroom: Taya’s Top Picks

Playroom organization is a project for sure, and one that will involve choosing toy storage solutions to help keep all your kids stuff off the floor, better organized and yet still easily accesible.

The best toy storage solutions check a number of different boxes: they’re child-safe and easy to handle (since they’ll be mostly used by kids), but ideally attractive and durable so parents will enjoy looking at them every day.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite toy storage solutions, from a professional home organization point of view:

Clear Plastic Bins

When it comes to storage options for toddlers and little kids, I am a firm believer in the use of open plastic bins. You should not put lids on anything you want children to interact with, because if they have a physical barrier between them and the home for something, you might as well put a brick wall there. They will not go through the lid to put stuff away. Instead I recommend using uniform plastic tubs that are clear so kids can easily see what’s inside them. For older kids labeling these bins is a great idea too.

Rolling Carts

A rolling cart is one of those home organization essentials that can be put to dozens of great uses, including as great storage in playrooms. A rolling cart is an excellent way choice for craft supply storage, or for ensuring that the toys your kids use most often are both easy to grab and easy to put away. Making use of a rolling cart to store their favorite toys is also a great way to create portable toy storage if you want them to play in a different space for a while (perhaps near your home office space when you are working.)

Toy Storage Bench

Whether lining the walls or placed in the center of the playroom, weaving in toy storage benches is a great way to add extra toy storage as well as seating when organizing a playroom. They can double as reading nooks, drawing escapes, and other creative spaces to play and imagine for young kids and an extra place to chill – and store their video games, collectibles, and more – for older children.

Final Thought

The main benefit of organizing any area is that you and your family will save time searching for items resulting in less stress and chaos. If you live in the Houston, Texas area and need hands-on organizing assistance or want a do-it-yourself plan, I’d love to help. Book a free 15-minute Zoom consultation today, so we can discuss your needs.

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