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As part of my daily work, I’ve seen a lot of underwear drawers. Hundreds, to be exact. And it’s almost always the same story: missing socks, pantyhose with gaping holes, tangled bras, even dust bunnies. We convince ourselves that we’ll do some underwear drawer organization it on the next laundry day, despite the fact that we’ll never get around to it.

Take 10 minutes the next time you pass by your dresser to do some underwear drawer organization—really, that’s all you need. It’s amazing what a few dividers and some proper folding can accomplish. It’s also important to look after your belongings, even if they’re just the socks you put on before working out. I promise your mornings will be a little brighter if you follow my steps for organizing your underwear drawer (or at least a bit less hectic).

Step 1: Do an Honest Accounting

Empty the contents of your drawers onto a flat surface (the bed is ideal for this!) so you can count how much you have and what needs to be tossed. Remove any worn, stained, ripped, or threadbare socks or underwear right away. Also get rid of anything that does not fit.

Step 2: Remove the Paper Trail

Using the underwear drawer as a filing cabinet became acceptable at some point. Most have crumpled receipts, gum wrappers, errant mail, and other miscellaneous items. Remove anything that isn’t wearable as you go through your belongings on the bed as a part of your underwear drawer organization push.

Step 3: Make the Drawer Shine

Wipe down the interior of the drawer with a damp rag and a spritz of household cleaner, removing any grime that has accumulated behind your bras. Then add a spritz of Febreze, for a long-lasting scent that will also enhance the scent of your intimates without damaging them.

Step 4: Divide and Conquer

Drawer dividers are a low-cost investment that will help you stay organized and tidy. Set aside areas for underwear, bras, socks, and other specialty items.

Make sure the items you wear the most are up front and center to avoid another jumbled mess in 24 hours.

Step 5: Put Your Folding Skills to the Test

No, I’m not proposing anything extravagant (sorry, Marie Kondo). However, if you have a small drawer, I recommend folding your bras so that they keep their shape and take up less space by folding one cup into the other.

Step 6: Give Up on Your Misplaced Socks

Life is too short to waste time looking for socks that have gone missing. How do I avoid the dreaded lost-socks epidemic? So that there are no singles, buy only one style and color. Problem solved.

Step 8: Donate and Do Good

Do you want to keep your worn-out personal items out of the landfill? H&M accepts anything you want to get rid of in any condition for free textile recycling. Warm socks are also a popular item to donate to your local homeless shelter.

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