On hot summer days, sitting at an office desk with little natural light can be torturous, especially when you could be drinking a margarita with your toes in the sand or soaking up the rays in your neighborhood park.

This is why now is the ideal opportunity to refresh your home office and desk décor for the new season before it arrives. Even if you can’t spend the day in the sun, add some pastel tones, a plant or two, and a new desk lamp, and you’ll be on your way to achieving those fresh summer vibes.

So, where do you start with your summer home office revamp? Start by decluttering your entire space (there’s never a bad time for some good old-fashioned decluttering), and then choose intelligently what to keep.

Then begin to add new home office décor as well as storage for various items and crucial documents. From the gloomiest days to the brightest, you’ll have a gorgeous and inspiring desk to sit at and an inspiring office to work in after it’s been spruced up. And to get you started, I’ve compiled a list of summer-inspired home office and desk design ideas that you’ll love throughout the year.

Minimal Summer Inspired Charging

Summer decorating is all about light, airy colors, and minimalism. This Courant Wireless Charging Tray combines two of my favorite things: a way to efficiently minimize clutter and add an attractive summer aesthetic to your home office space.

Finished in Belgian Linen, this handy tray offers discreet wireless charging for your phone and your earbuds as well as extra space to store trinkets. There is even a bonus USB outlet on the back for charging additional devices (like your Apple Watch)

Lots of Dolphins

Not the real thing, which would be messy for all involved, but a delightful hanging string of dolphins plant.

On days when you’re trapped inside working long, dreary hours, nothing beats a potted plant set on your desk to bring the outside inside.

A string of dolphins plant is low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and thrives in direct sunlight (which makes it ideal for putting on the windowsill when you stop work for the weekend). As it grows, style it in a pot, and when it’s mature enough to trail downward, repot it in a hanging planter above your desk.

A Beautiful Summer Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a must, not just in the hot summer, but all year round. Remembering to drink enough water is something many of us are not very good at. Having a water bottle right on your desk can help. Having a water bottle that is as beautiful and summery as it is functional is even better.

The asobu Flavor U See Stainless Steel Fruit Infuser is just such a bottle. Fruit-infused water is much tastier – and even healthier than plain water and this bottle lets you see the fruit in all its summery beauty as it does its thing and infuses its goodness into the water of your choice.

This beautiful bottle makes the task of staying hydrated an absolute pleasure, while the durable strap makes it easy to tote around when you get up from your desk for that must-have break.

A Summer Accent Wall

There is nothing like summer color to brighten up a home office space and give it a sunnier vibe. If you don’t feel like painting the space (again) you can add a temporary summer decorating boost to a single space – maybe right behind your desk – by making use of posters, decals or even stick on wallpaper to create a summer accent wall.

I personally love making use of wall decals, as they are easy to install, can be changed at will, are very inexpensive, and won’t damage the wall beneath. One day you can be surrounded by butterflies, the next looking out on a beachy scene!

Add Fresh Flowers

It’s hard to focus when you need to be productive but it’s warm and sunny outside, and the only thing in your line of sight is a pile of papers. To make your work area more inviting, place a vase of fresh-cut blooms on your desk.

Not only will you enjoy looking at the beautiful flowers, but if they are scented, the fragrance will also help to boost your mood and improve your concentration. Fresh blooms will add a pop of color to your desk and make the space feel more inviting.


Summery, Silky Drapes

Nothing quite says summer decor like gauzy, lightweight drapes that move the breeze, whether that breeze comes from a window or the A/C. Because you don’t sleep in your home office (I hope) it’s windows don’t need to provide a huge level of privacy, so it’s easy to swap heavy winter window coverings for summery drapes, which can be found in every color of the rainbow (although cool summer pastels like blue, green or yellow are my personal summer choice.)

Need help decluttering, organizing or decorating your home office for summer? The Just Organized By Taya team will be delighted to help. Book an appointment today and let’s get started!

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