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When you are ready to sell your Houston home, but have to live in the property until it does, you can still successfully stage and compete with other properties on the market.

If your home will not be empty, there’s no reason you need to stage your house with rental furniture. The Just by Taya team can transform your property using much of what you own, shopping from your home, to create a space that will attract buyers and photograph beautifully for your MLS listing.

Vacant And Occupied Home Staging

Our Occupied Home Staging Process

What can you expect from our occupied home staging service?

Occupied Home Staging is a three-step process.

Step 1

Occupied Home Staging Consultation

Our team will provide a detailed curb-through-basement assessment outlining a plan for you to complete to prepare your property for market. This meeting will last for two hours and may include suggestions to paint, remove wallpaper, de-clutter/pack up various collections, furniture placement, landscaping suggestions, and more.

We walk through and access your space using our trained ‘buyers’ eyes’ and we base our recommendations on years of experience and the completion of successful of a wide range of successful staging projects. A successful home staging project is one that gets a home sold faster and at a great price, which is exactly what we can achieve for you.

Step 2

The Work

Someone does need to complete the work outlined in the plan. You can choose to undertake all the work yourself or have our team help you – for an additional fee. We offer full and half day makeovers that can be discussed during the initial staging consultation.

Step 3


Once steps one and two are completed, you will be ready for the final step. Our team will return and put the final touches to the space to ready it for its marketplace closeup.

This may mean moving furniture around again, re-styling accessories, bringing in rental furnishings, and hanging art.

Showcasing is provided at an extra cost and its scope will be determined based on your budget and needs.

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I highly recommend Taya to help organize your home. Her work is excellent, and she is very flexible to work with. Taya helped me organize my daughter’s closet within a few hours, and it looks amazing. I look forward to working with her on future projects

Megha Akinyode, Houston, ON

Taya was amazing – you can trust her. I left the house for few hours and this is common practice for most people who hire her. She is very fast and moved everything quickly- I was surprised how fast she was and her stamina. I was also helping out and so tired at end of the night but she does this for work. Kudos to her!!

Diane Spencer Yoo, Houston, TX

I love the work she does, she is absolutely devoted to turn any space into a place you just want to stay!

Claudia Cossío, Houston, TX

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