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Video games dominate the home tech landscape these days. And not just in homes with kids in them either. In fact, according to the Entertainment Software Association, the average gamer is 34 years old and 72 percent are age 18 or older. And it’s not all about the guys either. Women age 18 and older represent a significantly greater portion of the video game-playing population (33 percent) than boys under age 18 (17 percent).

All of this means that lots of homes have video game consoles. And video games. And controllers, cameras, headsets, and cables. Lots and lots of trailing cables. All of this is, of course, essential to the video gaming experience, but far too often it’s all also a huge cluttered mess in the living room or den. Especially if you are like 72% of the video gaming population that admits to owning more than one console.

Very little to do with video gaming could be called cheap. It’s at least $59.99 for a new release title for the big three gaming systems and finding a controller for less than that is almost impossible. And that does not even take into consideration the systems themselves.

Therefore it makes sense to try and keep your video gaming supplies as organized as possible. Not just because it will look so much better – and it will – but also organizing your video games will help protect the rather large investment you’ve made in them. But what’s the best way to do it? Here are just a few great ideas to get you started:

Video Games Are Book Sized, So Store Them That Way

Most video games are, when they are properly put away in their covers, roughly book shaped and sized, so the obvious storage solution is a bookshelf right? This can indeed be a great idea, but as you are stacking all those games take the time to play librarian and sort them. You can do it alphabetically, by genre, by console, or however makes the most sense to you.

By doing this you’ll help make specific games easier to find at game time, minimizing the need to mess up all the games on the shelf just to find that one zombie shooter that absolutely has to be played tonight.

Baskets are Cool Too

No room for a big bookshelf? If your consoles ‘live’ on a desk or in an entertainment center – which most do – the kind of fabric baskets you can pick up at the dollar store can make a great solution too. This solution allows you to store random accessories too, just make sure that if you are planning to store items with wires that the wiring is free of kinks and wound up nicely at the end of play, to avoid tangles and damage to the sensitive wiring inside.

Use an Office Wall Organizer

Have you seen those wall hung office organizers that are designed to hold file folders, pens, pencils and other small office supplies? They can be great for storing oddly shaped controllers and cables as well.

Hide It All Away

One of my favorite ways to organize video gaming supplies (not the games themselves) and declutter the gaming space is to make use of a storage footstool. You can find them – in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors – fairly inexpensively and they offer the added bonus of providing a place to prop your feet up when you play.

Display the Good Stuff

Some of the special controllers and accessories that video gamers are often drawn to are actually little works of art in their own right. So, if you have a dedicated gaming space – in a kids room or the den – why hide them away? Take the finest of them and, with the help of Velcro or Command Hooks (as neither will damage sensitive equipment) create a wall display that showcase your passion without everything looking cluttered. Make sure to use the soft loop side of the Velcro on the controller to avoid friction on your hands while you play though!

Facing a bigger organizing challenge, anywhere in the home (or your life)? Call us, we can help. And we might even challenge you to play a game or two as well…

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