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It’s 2020. And in this crazy year it is so important to have a space dedicated to self-care in your home. Between the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day life and everything going on in this upside down year, having a space you can make an escape to focus on yourself is totally necessary. Whether it’s a cozy part of your bedroom or a collection of your favorite things all in one place, you have to create a haven that feels like your own.

Some of you might be thinking you don’t have the space to do this, or the time, or even a clue where to start. In this post I want to offer some simple inspirations. And if you need more help to create your self-care corner, the Just Organized by Taya team is just a phone call or email away!

Wonderful Window Seats

Find a spot that gets plenty of light to set up a cozy lounge space to kick back with a good book. You don’t need to build a formal seat (although you could if you are handy) as a simple chair near the window will work just fine. A little green is a nice touch to make it complete and to infuse a little natural calm as well. Even nicer perhaps? A hanging chair, as they are wonderful to curl up in (especially if you have a furry friend)

Cozy Book Nooks

No suitable window available, or you are looking to create a self-care spot for your evening enjoyment? Create a nook around a bookcase instead. Make sure you add a good task light – so you won’t have to squint while you read – and that the chair you choose is comfy, so you can really kick back and relax. And while you are creating a nook like this one, why not do the same for your kids? They are likely to get as much out of one as you, especially teenagers who usually really value their alone time.

Beautiful Bedroom Bliss

If your bedroom is the only space you can make into a self-care haven, amp up the coziness with luxe textures and lots of greenery. Invest in a really good comforter set – or better yet a duvet as they are really cozy in the cooler months but not too hot in the spring and fall – and add whatever little decor touches make you feel calm, or happy, even if they are not to everyone’s taste. The idea is that this is YOUR happy place, not someone else’s.

Serene Spa Sanctuary

You do not need to remodel your bathroom to transform it into a serene, spa like sanctuary. Little touches will make a huge difference. For example, swap out your boring overhead light fixture for a small chandelier. Install a wall mounted ventless fireplace – they are easy to install and much cheaper than you might think.

Invest in some bigger, fluffier towels and some sweet smelling bath lotions and soaps. And make sure you have an Alexa/Google Home/ Bluetooth speaker in the space too, to pipe in some of your favorite music to relax to.

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