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If you’re like most people, there’s at least one spot in your house where you could use a little more room. Whether you need a few extra inches (or feet) in the closet, the kitchen, the bedroom, or even the garden, some clever person has most likely already devised a solution.

Here are some suggestions for resolving some of the most frequent domestic space issues to help you. Check out which ideas might work in your own house, and don’t forget that the Just Organized by Taya team is just a phone call or email away if you need help organizing your space.

Work, Store and Roll

Installing a kitchen island is a great way to add more workspace and storage. If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate a regular kitchen island, a stationary model—perhaps one with a built-in sink or appliances—is the way to go.

Consider a mobile island like this one if you need more flexibility, have limited space, or don’t have the time to tackle a major kitchen renovation. When you’re preparing a large meal, pivot it into place, then wipe it down and roll it up against a wall to use as a drink or dessert station.

Rack It Up

Look up for extra storage if your kitchen cabinets are overflowing. You might just find the ideal location for a pot rack suspended from the ceiling, complete with simple S-hooks to hold cookware. There are two advantages to doing this: Pots and pans are easily accessible on the rack, which frees up cabinet space for other equipment.And it all looks very gourmet and chef-like too, which is another added plus.

Hook Em Up

You know you have a lid somewhere for that pot. Where though, is anyone’s guess. You have two options: keep digging through a dark cabinet for it, or update your storage strategy and clean out that cluttered cabinet. Sticking removable hooks to the interiors of cabinet doors to hang lids is a simple way to do the latter. That way, you’ll always know where each lid is and where it belongs.

Utilize Sneaky Storage Spaces

Narrow gaps, like those between the fridge and the wall, waste precious space in the home. Although they may seem like dead space, even the slimmest spots can be put to good use. To take advantage of every nook and cranny try making use of a slim roll-out storage cart like this one. These are great in the kitchen, but they can often be made to work in the bathroom too.

Frozen Clip Magic

A well-stocked freezer indicates a well-prepared home cook. If yours is overflowing with frozen fruits, meats, vegetables, and TV meals, try using better storage techniques to free up some room. Here’s a thought: Binder clips can be used to hang food bags from wire freezer racks. This vertical arrangement is more efficient than stacking objects, and it allows you to see everything in your freezer—no more rummaging through the chilly chamber to find that half-bag of peas!

Sneak in Some Strategic Surface Space

Removing or downsizing furnishings is a great way to gain some breathing room and free up some space. However, it isn’t always a foolproof or practical solution—there are occasions when you need the extra space.

Nesting tables provide nearly twice the work surface without requiring you to commit to the additional square footage. Keep one tucked neatly beneath the other until you need it for spreading out work, resting coffee cups, or setting out a serving dish for guests.

Keep Tabs

You could always use a bit more space in your closet, no matter how big it is. Expanding vertically is one of the smartest strategies to maximize storage in a small closet. You can either pay to have a fancy storage system installed that follows this principle, or you can make your own out of soda tabs.

Simply insert a hanger’s hook into one hole of a soda tab, then another hanger into the bottom hole. You’ve just increased your storage capacity in seconds and virtually zero cost! You can also add a tab to the lower hanger if you need even more room.

More Storage Is Just Around the Corner

Even awkward corners can be used to increase storage capacity. Although they can be difficult to decorate because few furniture pieces are designed to go into corners, they’re a natural place to use floating display shelves to make a statement.

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