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Are You Looking To Sell Your Home Fast?


We Can Help

Presenting your home in the best possible manner is the key to selling it quickly. You want your house to make potential buyers feel welcome and comfortable, and you especially want the vital assets in the home to shine through. Barren, empty rooms, boring long hallways, and dull, dreary colors are not helpful to people’s imaginations; many times, this alone can dissuade people from buying. Apart from deterring away buyers, empty homes also push real estate agents away, due to the fact the condos are harder to sell.

Why Stage Your Vacant Home?

Every Real Estate agent, Realtor group and stager knows that vacant properties are difficult to sell and they tend to get over-scrutinized by buyers. In the absence of furniture and décor, an empty house or room tend to draw the viewer’s attention to its inherent flaws and the prospect of an uncertain layout.

Staging a property before listing will transform an empty house into a home that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in. Professional staging strikes the right balance between adding visual and emotional appeal with furniture and accessories in the interior design, but without having the décor distract the buyer’s eye from the property, he/she is considering purchasing.

Without furnishings, buyers have no frame of reference. They have difficulty gauging the size and scale of a room or picturing how their things will fit. Small rooms appear smaller and large rooms feel hollow. In some cases, it’s hard even to know what the purpose of the room is when there’s nothing in it.

Why Choose Us?

Our home staging expert at Heights Vacant Home Staging Specialist Services will ensure that your home gets the furniture it needs to sell well in its target market. Since we have access to furniture that is well beyond the average price point for the typical homeowner, we will stage and set up items in a way that makes the most of space that will not only maximize the size of the space, but it will also maximize the appeal to buyers. So, by choosing us, our home staging experts can ensure that your property looks the best that it possibly can. Remember: buyers aren’t just purchasing a new property; they’re buying a home, and ultimately, a desirable lifestyle.