On the face of it, playrooms are wonderful spaces for both kids and their parents. The idea of a dedicated space for all of their stuff, it’s not something many of us grew up with, but a playroom is a very common feature in Heights family homes today.

However, in order for a playroom to be functional – and fun to be in – it has to be organized. But there is where the challenge lies. As many a frustrated parent knows a once tidy playroom can quickly become chaotic after just a few hours of play. And because Mom and Dad are just as busy as their kids trying to keep up with playroom organization can be a real challenge. They simply lack the time, patience or know how to sort through all of the ‘stuff’ their kids have accumulated and create a playroom that ‘works’ for everyone.

We can help. We can help you install and implement just the right storage and organization solutions to help ensure you kids playroom is easy to clean up after every play session and is a place your kids will love to hang out. We can help you sort through all that ‘stuff’ and help you decide what really still needs to be there and what has been outgrown and might by ready to be passed on for another child to enjoy, as well as what really should be thrown away. We won’t make the final decisions of course – that’s up to you and your children – but we will guide you to make the right choices as far as we can.

We won’t stop there though. After helping you sort through all that stuff, and get it organized, we’ll show you – and even your kids if like, how to help it stay that way, so that the space your kids play in is a joy for everyone, which is just what it is supposed to be.