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Over the last few years more and more people have been trying to be a little more environmentally conscious when it comes to many different aspects of their lives including trying to use more “green” products and materials for the interior design in their homes. From flooring to furniture and almost everything in between more and more people are adding some elements of natural interior design to their homes and for some very different reasons.

Here are some of the more popular natural interior design additions people are making to their homes and to their home decorating and the advantages that can be gained, both in terms of eco-friendliness and improved aesthetics if you choose to do the same:

Green Interior Design: Flooring

Several natural flooring products are considered to be very hot right now. For example natural stone is making a comeback in a big way. Natural stone is a great choice for flooring in the kitchen or for an outdoor room and the choice of colors and tones is quite extensive. It is a very popular option for those who live in warmer climates as it has the ability to remain fairly cool in the heat (although that can be a disadvantage during a cold winter)

Natural stone is expensive but it will also outlast most other forms of flooring by decades, something that is good for the environment in terms of reducing waste as well as good for a homeowner’s long term budget!

Traditional hardwood flooring is also being replaced with more eco-friendly options. Bamboo is as durable and beautiful as any hardwood and because bamboo is a grass it is a renewable resource making bamboo flooring a very environmentally friendly choice. It is also a smart choice for family homes as bamboo has natural antibacterial properties that can help make your home a slightly healthier place for everyone to be.

Another renewable resource used to create flooring is cork. Cork does come from a tree but only the bark is harvested, leaving the tree itself alive and thriving. Lots of people love cork because the flooring has a natural “give” – try squeezing a wine cork to see what we mean – that is very easy on the feet as well as great sound absorption properties that can help make a busy, noisy place a slightly quieter place. Its colors are beautiful too.

Natural Interior Design: Wall Coverings

milk paint

People are also going greener when it comes to choosing what to adorn the walls of their home with as well. One interesting trend is the return of milk paint. Milk paint is made of real milk proteins, clay and natural colorants and was widely used in the 18th century by the colonists who settled the US. Because of the concern about all the dangerous chemicals that modern paint contains that are bad for the environment and for humans more people are rediscovering this natural, chemical free alternative that also creates a very unique look when used in the home.

Another natural wall-covering that is gaining popularity pretty rapidly is grass cloth. Grass cloth looks like a very rough and textured wallpaper that is actually woven from all natural fibers by hand. The look can be a very unique one and is certainly a lot more environmentally friendly than traditional paper based wallpapers.

Eco Friendly Interior Design; Recycled Products


More and more products made from recycled materials are finding their way into our homes as natural interior design as well. These include beautiful brightly colored counter tops and wall tile made from recycled glass and sturdy but lightweight plastic home furnishings that care crafted from recycled plastic from simple soda bottles! Old wood is also finding new life in the form of reclaimed wood flooring and reclaimed wood furniture.

These are just a few ideas for incorporating natural interior design into your home, there are plenty of others you can explore. What all of this demonstrates though is that going green and natural does not have to mean that you live in a “hippie” home, just that you are a little more thoughtful and responsible about the materials and products you choose for your home decor.