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Most garages are so crammed full of clutter that cars lose out. Often, no other room of the house is a greater source of embarrassment or the butt of more jokes than the garage. The one room of our homes where the door is opened daily for the entire world to see is also often the most unsightly, poorly utilized and neglected.


The garage is one of the hardest rooms to get organized and keep organized. Most of us don’t know how or why it happened, and we certainly did not plan for it to happen….but the fact remains that when we can’t find a place to put something, it ends up in the garage.

The biggest reason people struggle with garage organization is not because they can’t do it, but because they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. We’ll help you win the war on garage clutter and get your garage organized painlessly. Once we are done we’ll help you formulate a plan to keep it that way. 

Contact us today to book a garage organization session and you’ll be well on your way to parking your car in the garage in a space that is neat and organized, just the way it should be.

I booked 18hrs with Taya and she is absolutely wonderful! From the moment we spoke on the phone her professionalism made me feel at ease. Not only is she a kind and warm person, her organization skills are amazing. Given the size of my recent move the task of unpacking and organizing seemed completely overwhelming.   Taya was able to come and tackle my closets, pantry, bathroom, and my daughters room. She gives good advice and utilizes any existing storage/organizational tools you already have. She makes useful suggestions about how you can repurpose items you already have in your home as well.  I wish I could give her ten stars, because she truly deserves it!

Carolina V. , Dallas, TX

Taya was amazing – you can trust her. I left the house for few hours and this is common practice for most people who hire her. She is very fast and moved everything quickly- I was surprised how fast she was and her stamina. I was also helping out and so tired at end of the night but she does this for work. Kudos to her

Stacey M, Houston, TX

Taya is a 5 star organizer b/c she instinctually knows where and how to organize rooms and spaces.  She really helped me get my place in tip-top shape and it’s so enjoyable to relax in an uncluttered space.  She gets right down to business and the results are spectacular!

Thanks Taya for your hard work and exceptional skills!  I look forward to utilizing your services again in the future!

Paul G., Houston, TX
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