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We are nearing the big barbecue season here in Houston, Texas, which is the time to think about keeping the grill clean and all those gadgets organized. Often, as I organize or unpack a kitchen, I come across those long, awkward grilling tools that can be hard to store, especially in smaller kitchens.

Sounds familiar? Then it’s time to address the problem. How do you keep your BBQ in great condition and all the barbecue related gadgets organized? Here are some BBQ organization solutions you can make use of today!


Often barbecue tools pans and gadgets are stored in multiple places. That is one of the first things that needs to change.

Check the kitchen drawers and cabinets as well as out by the grill. When grilling tools are used infrequently, or are not stored properly, we forget where they are or even worse, forget we still own them!

Once you’ve gathered every grilling gadget, consider what you use and how often. Do you really need that huge fish griller pan? Apply the same rule you (should) use with clothing—if you haven’t used it in the past season, it’s time to let it go.

Do a thorough assessment of what you have and edit according to what you use and the amount of storage space you have.


If you’re a big barbecue aficionado, you may require an assortment of special gadgets, and that’s fine, as long as you have the space to store them. However, if you’re seeking to simplify, pare down what you can, but always keep at least the basic necessities: a long and heavy-duty spatula, basting brush, tongs and a grill cleaning brush.


Are you leery of keeping grilling tools outside all year long? Do you only grill seasonally? Then keep the tools out only during that time. During the off season, store them in a container, label and place on a high shelf or pantry closet.

To trigger your memory, keep a note inside the grill cabinet door with a reminder of the location and which tools you’ve stored. Most grill utensils also have a loop at the top so they can hang on a hook.

Take advantage of this feature. If you have any vertical space inside a cabinet door or pantry wall, hang some hooks and free up the drawer space that these big tools may be taking up.

In terms of storage outside near the grill that will be efficient for you to make use and keep your tools in great shape there are several good options when it comes to BBQ organization.

Which you choose will depend on the space you have available and your general BBQ set up. Here are some very simple ideas that will aid in good BBQ organization:

Create a BBQ Station

Grab a lattice panel – you’ll find them in cut to your dimension options at Lowes or Home Depot- hang it near your grill and use the small squares to hang brushes, pot holders, tongs and more. You can use S hooks to hang items with built-in loops, along with bins, racks, grill baskets and more. You can gather anything that is too small to be hung by itself in a bin, which can then be attached to the panel.

Use a Utility Cart

Utility carts are perfect for grilling on-the-go and BBQ organization. Not only can you cut out space to hold your charcoal grill, but you can double the space to hold all your grill tools, whether you want your cart to have built-in compartments for organizing, or hooks to hang your tools.

Get a Grilling Apron

What’s easier access than storing your grill tools in an apron that you can sling on at a moment’s notice with everything ready to go? One that can be hung by a hook near your grill or just inside the mud room? A grilling apron and tool set also makes a terrific Father’s Day or birthday gift for those who love to showcase their BBQ skills!

Not interested in wearing a full BBQ apron? Keep it minimal with a BBQ holster you can strap around your waist. Lock and load your grilling tools to save time searching for them. How Texan is that?

Grill Cleanliness is a Must.

Keeping the grill covered in the off season will help it to stay clean and safe from the elements and help ensure that the food you cook tastes the way it should.

At the start of the season, perform a thorough cleaning, so that simple upkeep through the summer will suffice. Another good once-over after heavy use is a good idea.

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