Closet Organization Emergency…

Are U Having a Closet  Organization Emergency…


Can You Answer Yes To One Or More Of The Following Questions About Your Closet?

  • My closet is full to bursting yet, I can never find anything to wear.
  • I jump away when I open my closet for fear of something falling out and landing on my head.
  • Once I lose “x” pounds, I’ll be able to wear things in my closet again.
  • I have clothing with tags hanging in my closet.
  • I have clothing older than my five-year-old child/pet/marriage in my closet.


If you answered yes, it’s time for a closet intervention. Having your Closet Organized is potentially your biggest tool for getting your life organized. If you are treating your closet as a memory chest, however, now is the time to take charge to release all that clutter.  No matter what your stage of life, there is no excuse for spending more than 10-15 minutes choosing an outfit for any event!  Stop. Really. There is no excuse.  Consider reading this article as a big, fat check on the list of things to do to tame your closet and get organized for good.

Take a Deep breath. You can do this. Now, let’s look at the rest of the list.

Have A Buddy Or Hire A Professional

  • I know your’re fed up with the mess. If you are a stuff-clinger (and that’s okay), we can still help you!
  •  Many people are fully capable of pruning their closets on their own once they’ve gotten started. Find a day where a brutally honest friend can come and help.
  • In return, you’ll owe them an amazing dinner and probably a lot of wine.  If you don’t have a friend who fits the bill, google “Houston professional + organizers”  in your town or just visit us at https://justorganized.org.  The time, energy and frustration you save makes hiring a professional home organizer is well worth your money. No matter what you do, be honest with yourself. It’s okay to need help.


Send The Kids To Grandma’s Or To A Friends

  • (with a promise to repay with sitting on her kids) and plan for a very full day of closet organizing fun. If your partner is not the one helping you with the closet, send them out for a day of something they enjoy.  For now, keep in mind we’re only focusing on your part of the closet.  Your partner’s side of the closet is for another day.


Gather Your Supplies

  • You will need four containers (trash bags, bins or boxes).  Label each one – TOSS, DONATE, GIFT or KEEP.


Dive in!

Start with your hanging clothes. If your clothes are hung randomly in your closet, it’s worth your time to start by sorting them into categories: blouses, shirts, sweaters, pants, work dresses, skirts, evening dresses, sundresses, etc. Ignore anything shiny that is trying to distract you as you do this!


Start Making Decisions.

  • This is harder than it sounds. Go through each category of clothing and think about whether you’ve worn that item of clothing in the past year, whether the item reflects what you want your style to be and whether the item fits you in a flattering way.  (This is where it’s good to have an honest friend or professional – they’ll tell you.)
  • If you have not worn something in the past 12 months, no matter the reason, donate, toss it or pass it on to a friend who will wear it.
  • If you are looking at something that a casual friend would not look at and exclaim “It’s so you!” put it into one of the bins NOT labeled “KEEP.”
  • Does it fit? Be honest. Sometimes things fit, but not in a comfortable, wearable way. If you find yourself looking at a dress that you put on in the morning and take off again five minutes before you leave for work, it doesn’t fit! Lose these items of clothing!  They are fooling you into thinking you have a ton of potential outfits – when you don’t! It’s not an outfit if you never actually wear it out of your house.
  • Is it flattering on YOU? Do you know your body type? No matter how big or small you get, the basics of your shape hold true. Just because pencil skirts are back in style does not mean that is the right choice for you. Forget trends – know what works on your body and wear those clothes – adding a few trendy colors to that style.
  • Work quickly and be honest about your decisions.



Stay Tuned For Part 2 of Closet Intervention

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