Beat the Summer Chaos With Our Kid’s Room Organization Guide

Okay parents, let’s be honest – those kid’s rooms are probably a disaster after the school year. 😅 But fear not! Let’s turn decluttering into a summer adventure and give those rooms a major glow-up! Summer is the perfect time to declutter your child’s room – and turn it into a fun project!

In this post we’ll discuss how this project will teach them important organizing skills, and let you spend some quality time together working side-by-side, to create a space they’ll love (and you will too).

Why Involve Your Child in the Process?

First things first, why should your child be involved? Won’t it just be faster and easier to tackle the project yourself? The simple answer may very well be yes, but there are some very good reasons that even the youngest kids should be involved when you are decluttering and organizing the space they call their own.

Involving your child in the decluttering and organization process teaches them valuable life skills, including decision-making, time management, and personal responsibility. Not only that, it also fosters an appreciation for a clean and organized environment.

Taking the time to work on this project together also provides a golden opportunity to strengthen your bond with your child. As you sort through old toys and clothes, you’ll stumble across hidden memories, sparking conversation and laughter. It’s not just about cleaning up and organizing; it’s about spending quality time together and creating a space that your child loves and feels comfortable in.

How to Get Started Decluttering Your Child’s Room Together

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I get started?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some actionable steps to make this task enjoyable and less daunting:


This step is all about setting the stage. Start by setting aside a day or weekend for the project, ensuring you have ample time without distractions.

Talk to your child about the project. It’s essential to get them on board so they’ll feel involved and excited. Explain why it’s important to keep their room clean and organized. Instead of making it sound like a chore, highlight the benefits in a way they can relate to – for example, let them know that when their room is organized, they can easily find their favorite toy or book when they want to play or read. Mention that it will also be a lovely space for them to invite their friends over for playdates!

To get them even more enthusiastic, why not make a plan together? Draw a simple map of their room and discuss where each category of item could go. This will help them visualize the end result and give them a sense of ownership over the project.


Now comes the fun part! Divide your child’s room into manageable sections – toys, clothes, books, school materials, etc. Tackle one section at a time to avoid overwhelming your child.

Sort items into four categories: ‘keep’, ‘donate’, ‘recycle’, and ‘trash’. This is a great opportunity to teach your child about making decisions based on what they need and use, the value of giving to others, and the importance of reducing waste and recycling. For instance, you can share that the toys they’ve outgrown could bring joy to other children.

Try to make this process engaging and educational. You can turn it into a game by setting a timer for each category and see who finishes first, or by guessing the number of toys you will find in each section.


After decluttering, it’s time to organize what’s left. This step can help your child understand categorization and spatial arrangement better. Here’s where those labeled storage boxes come into play!

Assign each type of item a specific home, like a specific shelf for books, a bin for toys, or a drawer for school materials. This helps your child know exactly where to find something they need and where to put it back after use.

To help your child remember where everything goes, use pictures or words to label the boxes, bins, and shelves. This visual aid can make the upkeep easier and more intuitive for your child.

Take your time with this step and let your child be creative with how they want to organize their space. Remember, the goal is to make the room easy for them to maintain.

Remember, the objective here is not only to have a clean, tidy and better organized room but to spend some quality time with your child, instill good habits, and create lasting memories while doing so.

Tips for Decluttering and Organizing

As you dive deeper into the decluttering and organizing journey, here are more handy tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep it Fun: Incorporate games into the process. You could have a race to see who can sort their pile fastest, or make a toy ‘fashion show’ when deciding which ones to keep.
  • Break it Down: Tackling the whole room at once can be overwhelming. Instead, break the task into smaller, manageable parts. For example, focus on one drawer, shelf, or toy box at a time.
  • Maintain Regularly: After you’ve decluttered and organized, encourage your child to maintain their room’s cleanliness. Make it a habit to spend 10-15 minutes tidying up together every day.

Product Suggestions

To aid you further in this decluttering and organizing project, here are a few product suggestions. I’ve used all of these myself at some point in my work and can highly recommend them:

Clear Plastic Bins: Clear bins are great for storing toys, as your child can easily see what’s inside. Consider the Sterilite ClearView Latch Box; it’s durable and comes in various sizes.

Book Display Shelf: Instead of a traditional bookcase, a display shelf like the KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook allows your child to see their book covers, making it easier to pick their next read.

Hanging Closet Organizer: For storing clothes, a hanging organizer like the Delta Children 6 Shelf Storage with 2 Drawers frees up space and keeps clothes easily accessible.

One more thing, remember, the goal is not perfection but progress. Every little step counts!

However, I understand that this process can sometimes feel overwhelming, and you might need an extra pair of hands. If you’re a Houston family looking for professional organizing services, we’re just a call away. At Just Organized by Taya, we’re passionate about creating organized spaces that are functional, but also a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle, or, in this case, your children’s.

Are you ready to make this summer a season of change, growth, and fun? Reach out to us and let’s create a magical, organized space for your child together.

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