With schools out – albeit prematurely due to the COVID-19 related restrictions we have all been placed under – the task of keeping kids amused and yet still engaged in productive activities has become a priority a little earlier in the year than it might usually do.

Even in an era of Netflix and video games crafting is still a great go to for kids of all ages. But, kids craft supplies can get messy. And clutter your home up fast.

When we try to organize kids craft supplies one of the biggest challenges most of us face is lack of space and wanting to be free of the clutter it creates. However, kids really benefit from having free and easy access to all the things that they might want to use.

So what makes for a good compromise? Great storage can be a big help. There’s no point having great art and kids craft supplies if they’re hidden at the back of the cupboard where no one knows they’re even there!

Making things easy to find, get out and pack away again means your kids are likely to enjoy creative activities regularly without them becoming a chore for you and without a huge clean up effort afterwards! Here’s a look at some of my favorite options as a professional home organizer.

Over Door Storage

kids crafts

Over door storage is a great way to organize supplies when space is limited. Each compartment can hold a different art material and you can easily affix a picture or label so kids know what goes where. If you want to keep the art supplies completely out of sight you can even hang it inside a cupboard.

Transparent Food Containers

kids crafts

These are some of my all time favorites! You can buy these in rectangles, squares and rounds and both are great. They are see through and stackable, so you can pack them into a cupboard and but kids can still instantly see where everything is.

Transparent food containers are especially useful for storing all those very small -but cool – craft supplies; googly eyes, pom poms, glitters, stickers, colored sand and much more.

Plastic Drawer Towers

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Plastic drawer towers also come in all sorts of sizes and with or without wheels ,so you can choose the perfect size to fit your space. These are great for all your must have on hand items; the stuff that kids are likely to want easy access to every day.

Large Clear Storage Boxes

kids crafts

Again you can buy these in many sizes to fit the space you have. I recommend that you choose stackable ones so you can maximize my space. These boxes are best used to store the things that are not used as often, but still need to be saved. For example, Christmas or Easter specific crafting supplies.

Recycled Coffee Cans

kids craft supplies

Older kids tend to accumulate lots of different pens and pencils. Sharpies, fabric pens, whiteboard markers, watercolor pencils, landscape inks etc etc. These do tend to have a tendency to be easy to lose, and easy to get mixed up though. One simple, inexpensive solution is to store them in recycled coffee cans or that old staple cookie tins left over from Christmas.

These can be decorated with paint, or Washi tape, to make them look nicer, so this actually becomes a cool crafting project as well as a decluttering and organization technique!

Box File

Kids produce a lot of artwork during a serious craft session, but it can’t all be displayed. It should not all be thrown away either though. Storing them in a box file can be a great alternative. The pieces can be dated and stored according to those dates and you’ll find that the contents of these boxes make fantastic keepsakes to look back on in years to come.

Not every piece of art can be kept however. I advise sitting down with your kids every month or so and sorting through their box to choose what they want to keep.

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