Stuffed animals, kids love them, parents (secretly) hate them. They create clutter, they take up too much space and kids often have so many that the vast majority of them get ignored.

Kids however, even older ones, love stuffed animals, and getting them to part with them can be quite a challenge. But you can compromise, while also adding order and function to your kids room. How? By creating a stuffed animal bean bag chair.

Huh? You might be saying. A bean bag chair. But one filled with stuffed animals. Actually one that all but the youngest kids can fill with stuffed animals themselves. And the one I devised does not call for special patterns, special fabrics or even a great deal of sewing skill. Yet the end result is cute, and functional.

Here’s how it’s done.

What You’ll Need

  • Enough fabric (it can all be different patterns) to cut 6 24″ squares
  • Sewing machine or strong needle and thread.
  • Pins
  • Velcro strips


How It’s Done

This is not a finessed pattern. This is for busy parents who want to solve the stuffed animal clutter issue in their kids room with a minimum of fuss. It can be adapted, by the more proficient seamstresses into something more finessed.

  • To begin, cut out six 24″ inch squares of fabric.
  • Pin four fabric squares together, in ‘inside out’ fashion, to create the sides of the cube with a half inch seam allowance all around.
  • Sew the bottom square to the sides, and three of the four side edges together. Ensure that the seams are strong, either by double hand stitching or using a lock stitch on your sewing machine. On the fourth, sew a strip of Velcro, and stitch a second piece of the same length to the remaining side piece.
  • Sew the side pieces to the top panel.  This is easy to do now that the bottom panel has one side open, thanks to the Velcro closure.
  • Turn the whole thing inside out.
  • Stuff with animals via the Velcro closure until the ‘chair’ is nicely stuffed.

Once the chair is completed there will be less clutter in your kid’s room, none of their stuffed animals will be ‘gone’ and they will have a comfy new place to sit. A win-win situation for everyone.



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