Selling Houston homes is more of an art than a science, and if it were a science, then the science would be psychology and not statistics. In other words, you only need one capable buyer to fall in love with your house to get it sold.

This home buyer doesn’t care about the economy or the real estate market; they only care about finding a home that makes them feel good and avoiding mistakes, as it is such an expensive purchase.

The process for making a home emotionally appealing is intuitive but not always obvious. Deep down we know what makes a home appealing, but we have to be careful not to allow pop culture to guide us. An emotionally appealing home is one where the occupants can feel relaxed and comfortable, not one where the décor is gaudy and distracting or something that some influencers on Instagram happen to be raving about this week but will be out of style by the end of the month.

Furthermore, if we’re overly impressed with a home’s décor, then the showing is like going to a friend’s housewarming party, where we’re impressed but detached emotionally from the home because its not ours and never will be.

Buyers should be able to picture themselves living in the house. Anything that takes away from that mental image of the house being theirs also takes away from the chances of the house actually becoming that.

Avoiding mistakes is the other side of the psychological coin. When buyers enter a home, their subconscious desperately searches for information to help them develop a feel for the house. They perform a “thin slice”, a term popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in Blink. In other words, their subconscious gathers lots of superficial information in a very short amount of time; this information then shapes the way they are feeling about the house.

The most common negative feeling regarding home shopping psychology is that the house is poorly maintained. The buyers make this judgment by noticing dirtiness, clutter, and small defects. Of course, this inference is completely unfair because no one lives in a perfectly clean house, and even if they did, it wouldn’t mean that they also took care of bigger issues in the home.

Nevertheless, it happens all the time, and once the buyer gets this feeling, there’s no reversing it. So, a successful Houston home stager to utilize both their design skills and psychology to put on a show in which the current homeowners always maintain an immaculate house and there are never any repairs to be done. You might say that we need to set the “stage”. And that’s exactly what we do!

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