Easy Makeup Organization Tips


Love makeup and hair products? Me too. And most of us spend more than a little money on our beauty products collection. This means that makeup organization is a must, not just to protect your investment in all those beauty goodies but also to save you precious time when getting ready in the morning.


To help you get started here’s a look at some of my top makeup organization tips:



Forget buying fancy organizers if they are only going to be hidden away in a drawer. You can use kitchenware, like mini loaf pans, to sort your favorite lipsticks and eye makeup palettes. Don’t have any? The dollar store is a great place to pick some up at an excellent price.



If you have a huge nail polish collection, use cookie jars – again, the dollar store or a discount outlet like TJ Maxx have these at great prices – to store similar colors together. That way, you’ll know exactly where to look when you want to use that green-ish blue glitter polish for your big night out.



A spare eyeglass case is a great way to store your makeup brushes. They are just the right size, keep them protected and are convenient when traveling, just throw them in your bag and go.



To store your larger makeup brushes this is a super cute yet very practical idea. The coffee beans will hold them all up securely and hey, the smell of the coffee might even help you wake up in the morning!



Instead of allowing all your hair products and/or cleansers and moisturizers to gobble up all your valuable bathroom counter space, use a wine rack to stack them vertically. Then you will be able to actually put on your eyeliner without knocking over a dozen things (and ending up with panda eyes instead of cat eyes.)



Fan of bobby pins? Store them in a used TicTac container. That way you’ll always have one when you need one and you won’t have to settle for that bent, dirty one from the bottom of your bag. You can make it look prettier by wrapping strips of colored washi tape around it.



A simple kitchen utensils holder can work wonders when it comes to hair products organization. You can use them to store combs, brushes, roller hair ties and more. They are also great for jewelry, and for keeping necklaces untangled, too. Mesh ones are best for holding earrings though, so you can easily keep them in pairs.









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