Piles of clothes strewn all over the floor, empty plates, mugs with things growing in them on the nightstand, ($60) video games on the floor and clothes hanging out of the drawers. All of this, and some times worse, is the norm in many a teen bedroom. And even though it’s all rather normal it does not mean that it’s not more than a little frustrating for parents, who long for more teen bedroom organization.

When kids hit their teen years (and often a few years before, in their ‘tweens’) their bedroom becomes so much more than just a place to sleep. It’s where they do homework, play video games, spend hours surfing the Internet, hang of with their friends and escape to be alone. Ideally it should be a great looking, organized space they can be comfortable in. Instead, it often looks like a hurricane passed through just a few hours ago.

Now I realize this is not true of every teen. There are some who are super organized and are great at teen bedroom organization.  But it is the rare teen that will do so without prompting and more than a little help.

Now that we will soon be heading into what might be referred to as ‘spring cleaning season’ it’s a great time to help your teen declutter their space, get it better organized and show them ways to keep it that way.

Here are a some practical ideas to help you whip your teen’s bedroom into shape in no time. And, if you’re looking for a little extra help and live in the Houston area the team from Just Organized by Taya is just a message or phone call away, ready to step in and help in any and every way we can.

Declutter First

All organizing projects should begin with a decluttering session and organizing a teen bedroom is no different. You’ll need to plan to make those three piles I talk about so often – keep, donate or toss – and begin to systematically sort the contents of the room into them.

Start with the closet and help your teen get everything out and sort items into these three separate piles. Work your way around the room sifting through storage areas, under their bed, drawers, and shelves until everything in the room is something your teen either wants to keep, chooses to donate or feels needs to be tossed.

Don’t be surprised if your “too old for toys” teen decides he or she wants to keep a few childhood stuffed animals or other toys you might have thought they had outgrown. Teenagers are a lot more sentimental than we realize. This is also why, even if they do not participate in the actual physical work involved in decluttering it is crucial that they go through the piles with you, as one thing tossed or donated that they would have preferred to keep can become an argument that lasts for months.

Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Teenagers have a way of attracting a lot of clutter. Keeping their room neat and organized starts by giving them a place for everything. Offer plenty of functional storage areas such as a bookcase or wall-mounted adjustable shelving which is great to store books, showcase collectibles or trophies, or store anything else your teen would like to display and have within easy reach.

To maximize space, choose items that are multi-functional like a bench or ottoman with built-in storage space. Give the room personality along with valuable storage space by using creative items like refurbished lockers or fun colorful canvas baskets to store items. Stackable bins are also great for bulky items like sweaters or sweatshirts.

If space allows, a desk with drawers will not only add more storage space but will also give them a perfect place, separate from the rest of the room, to study and do homework. And when it comes to those expensive video game systems, I devoted a whole post to getting that stuff organized.

The Closet: From Cluttered to Clean

Because most teenagers find it far easier to throw their clothes on the floor rather than hanging them up in the closet, it’s important to give them plenty of easy solutions to put their clothes away.

A few multi-pocket hanging closet organizers are great for sweatshirts, sweaters, jeans, and sweatpants. A sturdy shoe rack is a must and collapsible storage bins work great for storing items they don’t need every day. And, don’t forget to add in a hamper or laundry bag that’s big enough for all their dirty clothes. if you still need more room and space allows, add a few stackable clear bins for all those extra items that need a home such as papers and mementos.

Extras That Make All the Difference

There are so many clever and handy storage solutions on the market these days. Everything from over-the-door valet organizers and wall-mounted jewelry organizers to rolling carts and nifty desktop organizers – each offering its own unique solution depending on your teen’s organizational needs.

Sometimes even the smallest (and least expensive) items can make all the difference in the world making life so much easier.

To make your child’s room a comfy haven they’re proud of, find ways to create “zones” within their room for sleeping, studying and relaxing. And, don’t forget great decor accessories. Let your teen pick out a cozy rug, colorful wall art, and fun extras like string lights, decorative pillows, and cozy throws. Above all, because teens love their sleep, make their bed dreamy with a thick mattress pad, soft sheets, a super soft blanket, and a few comfy pillows.

Product Suggestions

Whenever I undertake organizing projects of any kind, include teen bedroom organization, I like to make a point of suggesting products* that are particularly effective. With that in mind here are some great teen bedroom organization products I love that might be very helpful in your project too


Multi pocket hanging organizers like these are great. They can accommodate lots of clothes and yet those clothes stay easy visible and quickly accessible. And impatient teens won’t have to struggle with hangers when it comes time to put their stuff away. 

teen bedroom organization

If it often seems that you really have to spell something out for your teen to listen to you then this is the perfect laundry hamper. Plus it’s lightweight, has sturdy handles and folds up completely, so it’s easy for you to make use of at laundry time too. 

Teens also have a habit of misplacing their important, expensive phones and other gadgets, which can often lead to some serious drama. That’s why I love this wall based organizer. It’s roomy enough for all their gadgets and it doubles as a charging station too, cutting down on trailing wires.


*I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, or link to any products from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information and advice about home organization, home staging and home decoration.

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