Have you ever noticed that the home organization process is filled with emotional highs and lows?

If. like me, you enjoy the home organizing process, you’ll find more highs along the way than if you’re someone who enjoys the results of organizing more than the actual process, which is the case for far more people.

Either way, the emotions we experience are often the result of our self-talk. For example, if you feel badly about the clutter and disorder in your home, you may find yourself thinking (and possibly saying out loud) lots of negative things while you’re thinking about home organizing, or trying to get the process started. Do any of these sound familiar?

I can’t believe I let it get this bad.
What’s wrong with me?
This place is such a mess!
I’m so overwhelmed.
I’m so mad at myself. How did I let things go for so long?
I’m such a mess.
This is going to take forever.

Whether you use these words or different ones, if your self-talk is negative, then your feelings about home organizing will be negative, too. As you come to dislike the idea more, you are less likely to set aside the time needed to get started. So the clutter will get worse, you’ll get madder and madder at yourself and a vicious cycle of disorganization and self deprecation will keep building. And that is a terrible thing.

Changing the Way You Think

An organized home is a nicer, more efficient home. And being nicer to yourself is good for you and for everyone around you. So the next time you resolve to start tackling the clutter and disorganization in your home and start the home organization process that conversation with yourself has to change.

When you hear that little voice in your head start to go negative, say the following out loud:

Don’t Talk To Me Like That!

Then, quickly change your self-talk to something more encouraging and supportive, such as:

This is going to feel so great when I’m done!
Look at you – diving in there and getting it done. Woohoo!
Soon this place is going to look and feel amazing!
I’m going to focus on one small area at a time and in time, I will get it done.
I’m choosing to forgive myself for letting things get this way. What matters is that I’m making progress now.
I’ve been so busy with other things. It feels great to be taking time to reclaim my space.
This is going to take some time, but it’s going to be so worth it!

If you know you’re prone to negative self-talk, take a proactive step and write down some more encouraging messages on a notecard and tuck it into your organizing toolkit. By shifting the way you talk to yourself while organizing, you will enjoy the process more and be more likely to stick with it when the going gets tough.

If that’s still not helping make a call and get some help. Turning to a professional organizer for help can be the perfect way to finally get the home organization process started, and get it started with the help of a caring, NON JUDGEMENTAL person who can not only be that extra pair of hands you need but also just the person to help you make home organization and every day part of your life, so that it never becomes overwhelming again.

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