Kids of all ages tend to spend more than a little time in their rooms, especially these days, when so much of their focus is on video games and computers. And kids of all ages, even toddlers, desperately want a space of their own that is cool and fun.

On the other hand parents want functionality and enough storage space that there is at least a chance that their offspring can keep in half decent order – or at least make it easier for Mom and Dad to clean up.

So what is the best way to compromise in this situation? Here are just a few great examples of kids furniture that add style, fun and function to a child’s bedroom that should make everyone happy.

Loft Beds

Loft beds were originally designed for use in studio apartments, the kind that are essentially a single room and so any furniture placed in them needs to be as functional and space-saving as possible.

Loft beds are also an excellent choice for a kids room as well. Most consist of a raised bed on top while underneath there are closets, display shelves and drawer spaces, desks and the best ones even have a built-in chair or sofa. Everything is contained in the space underneath the bed only though, so remains as organized as possible while basically doubling the available space in a child’s room.

So, that takes care of the parents, but how about the kids? What could be so much fun about a loft bed? Well for younger kids the free space underneath a loft makes an excellent, ready-made fort, something that very few children can resist playing in. As your child grows older the space can become a room within room that they can arrange in almost any way they please. And because even the least expensive loft beds just simply look cooler than a standard bed set up.

Chalk Board Tables 

This is actually a piece of furniture that you can create yourself, using almost any old table you can find in your attic, at a discount store and especially at a thrift store.

One of the worst things that young kids (and even some older ones) do is draw on their walls and on their furniture. For them it is just cool, but for parents it is yet another mess that they have to try to clean up. A chalk board table can solve the problem. Kids can scrawl away to their heart’s content and you do not have to worry about hours of frustrating clean up.

In order to create such a piece of kids furniture all you need is a table and a can of chalkboard paint. Almost every paint store carries it these days and you can also find some bargain prices online. Once a surface is covered in the paint it literally takes on the properties of a chalkboard and can be used in exactly the same way. It is a great way to allow kids to express their creativity and add a little fun and function to their space as well.

This video is a great little instructional, and showcases how cool using thrift store finds can be.

Bean Bag Beds

Bean bag chairs have been around for years and have always been a fun touch to add to any room but a bean bag bed takes that to a whole new level. They look like oversized versions of a regular bean bag chair, but then inside they contain a full sized mattress inside that is as comfortable to sleep on as any futon. Bean bag beds are the ultimate sleepover accessory and are so cool that I am pretty sure that once you have seen for yourself how much your kids love their you’ll be tempted by the adult versions yourself!

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