As silly as it may sound to those who have little experience of the concept working from home is so much more enjoyable – and productive – if you have a home office that looks good, is organized and actually feels like an office instead of a corner of the kitchen (which it very well may once have been, not everyone has a spare room)

Working from home is not easy, there are usually for more distractions than if you work outside the home, especially if other occupants of the home happen to be around. A well organized office can help though. Here are three simple ways you can liven up your home office and make it a more pleasant and more productive place to be, or stage it to appeal to potential homebuyers if it has come time to move on.

Clear the Clutter

Space is often at a premium in the average home office, so it is essential that you keep the clutter at bay. Even those who would say that they do most of their work on a computer would admit that they do tend to accumulate a lot of “stuff” in that space. Piles of papers, coffee mugs, plates, (most people who work at home eat at their desk) all of these serve to clutter the place up.

Invest in some good plastic storage shelves or boxes if you are running out of desk drawer space and make the effort to clean up your workstation before you call it a day. Replace those piles of paper with a nice vase of flowers or a great family photo and the space will feel more conducive to getting work done right away.

ENGELKE Office Interior Decorating Project

Inject Some Color

When many people create a home office they simply buy a good cheap sturdy desk, a fairly comfortable chair and maybe paint the walls a little, giving little in the way of thought to décor at all. A few shots of color injected into the room can make all the difference. That does not mean that you hove to get out the paintbrush again though. Try adding a great mixed color rug to the floor of the space for an instant (and easily removable if necessary) burst of color.

Give it a Personality

Back in the outside world you used to bring in a photo or two, or a pot plant to give your boring office or cubicle a little of personality. There are no reasons to not do the same with your home office, even if no one else ever really sees it. A great piece of artwork, a few whimsical knick-knacks, a rather contemporary big bold mixed color rug with a great pattern, any of these additions and more will let you put the “you” back into your home office, making it a place that is easier to spend so much time in.


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