January is Home Organization Month. But it’s also a time when we are all still shaking off a few cobwebs after the holidays and trying to get back into routines and catch up at work or school. This means it can seem like a month that’s a bit too busy to start thinking about adding extra chores, like getting more organized.

Getting more organized is a great way to claim back a lot of your time though. Once you’ve made the effort to do so it will give you more time and trust me, you’ll feel less stress.

But where to start? For today we are going to take a look at some common habits that organized people have developed. Popular self-help gurus claim that it will take 21 days to form a new healthy habit – or break a bad one. There are only ten here, so you still have plenty of time left in this ‘month of organization’ to start developing them yourself. And you will be glad you did.

10 Habits of Organized People

1) They make lists

Writing to do lists and crossing items off as the tasks on them are performed is a great way to motivate yourself to do things and keep doing things, to get that little rush of pride and sense of accomplishment every time.

2) They develop daily routines

When you do things regularly, like wash the dishes right after you eat, you start doing it automatically without even thinking about it.

3) They create a nighttime routine

Sleep is important, and so is a nighttime routine. By setting a bedtime (for everyone in the home) and assigning tasks to be completed before it – homework done, lunches packed, clothes chosen for the next day – everyone’s mornings will be happier and more organized.

4) They purge clutter regularly

Don’t let things accumulate. Recycle junk mail as you receive it. Hang up clothes immediately after taking them out of the dryer. These tasks will also become second nature after a while.

5) They wake up a little earlier

By getting up just fifteen minutes earlier, you have more time to get some things done in the morning before work or school.

6) They do chores in batches

Here’s a good example. Pick up a prescription and get gas on the way to the grocery store. You’ve done three things at once!

7) They grocery shop with a list

Grocery stores are designed to distract you and tempt you into buying things you don’t need. Shop with a list and stick to it. When making that list go through your cupboards quickly beforehand to make sure that something you think you need isn’t already there.

8) They create a place for everything

As you buy things, or acquire them in other ways, assign them a spot. If you can’t find one that makes sense then you may have to reconsider if you need it at all.

9) They face their organizing fears

Even organized people can find themselves overwhelmed at times, especially after clutter creating occasions like the winter holidays (all those new toys, clothes and gadgets need homes, and all those decorations need to be put away) But they face the tasks rather than putting them off for another day.

10) They know when to ask for help

There are times in life when everyone you could use a helping hand with organization, and not just organized their home but their office and maybe even their life too. Organized people – or people who aspire to become more organized – know when a task is too much for them to tackle alone and they need to call in a professional organizer to help.

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