Bored with the way your home looks? Then maybe a little redecorating is called for. Need a reason to justify the expense to yourself (or someone else in the home)? Then here are 10 really good reasons why you should start redecorating and reorganizing your home’s interior today:

1) You Just Moved into a New Place – Even if the place you moved to is competently brand new and has never been lived in however perfect it is in order for it to feel like a real home – your home – you will need to add at least some decorating touches of your own.

2) You are Moving Out of Your Old Place – If you live somewhere for a long time it is easy to become a little blind to its faults. It may not be until it’s time to leave that you notice that the walls are dirty and dingy or the carpets are old and worn. In order to leave the place in a fit state for its new occupants a little redecorating is almost certainly called for, especially if you are looking for a quick sale at a good price.

3) There is Something About Your Home You Really Hate – Often a home, especially one you have only recently moved into is great except for that one annoying feature that drives you nuts. Maybe it’s a horrible color on the bathroom walls or cheap tile in the kitchen. Whatever your pet peeve about your home is, often all that is needed is a bit of redecoration.

4) Your Relationship Status has Changed – If you are suddenly single, or a part of a new couple, chances are that making a few interior decorating changes will help everyone involved feel more comfortable or in the case of a split help you get rid of memories from the past and move on.

5) Your Home Looks Old Fashioned – Interior design trends come and go and some age better than others. if your kitchen looks like one from a Seventies sitcom its time for a change!

6) You are Adding to Your Family – A new baby means all kinds of changes, including making some changes to the layout and decor of your home to make it a nicer, safer place for Baby to live.

7) Your Kids Have Moved Out – Once you have your home to yourself you can make some changes to suit you. For example now that the messiest members of the household are living elsewhere you can get that white carpet or expensive sofa you always wanted but were afraid they would mess up!

8) You Have New Furniture – Sometimes you fall in love with a piece of furniture and it’s so great that even if you have to redecorate the rest of the room to make it fit in it’s worth it.

9) You Have Some Extra Cash – A lot of the time many of us put off home decor improvements because we cannot really afford them. So if you do find you have a little extra cash to spare why not indulge yourself?

10) Just Because You Want To – Who says that you have to have a reason to make some changes to the interior of your home. Most of the time doing so makes you feel better about the home you live in which will in turn make you happier, so maybe just because you want to is the best reason of all!


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