Putting away Christmas décor might not be the highlight of your holiday season, but take it can be made easier and more efficient, if not quite fun. With the right storage containers, packing up your Christmas tree, seasonal wreaths, stockings and more can be quick and easy. Read on for some simple holiday storage ideas, then sit back and enjoy the new year.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

Your Christmas tree might be artificial, but it still requires TLC to keep it looking its best. Christmas tree storage bags are an easy way to keep your artificial tree clean and dry in the off season.

If you have the space, opt for a vertical storage bag with built-in tree stand – these styles preserve your tree’s shape and will lead to less fluffing next year. Suitcase style bags, however, work as well if you need to store your tree horizontally on a shelf.

Christmas Garland and Wreath Storage

Keep your Christmas wreaths in tip-top shape with sturdy wreath storage bags. These circular cases come in multiple sizes and are specifically designed to fit a single wreath. As for garlands, invest in plastic storage boxes with locking lids. These boxes are ideal for stacking so you can save space and avoid crushing individual branches.

Christmas Ornament Storage

Christmas ornaments are often very delicate, which unfortunately means they break easily. Christmas ornament storage boxes are designed with small cushioned compartments for individual ornaments and boast a sturdy outer casing. Separating ornaments also means less time untangling messy hanging strings and bent paper clips next year.

Christmas Light Storage

Christmas light storage reels are the gift that keeps on giving. Similar to a spool of thread, these reels keep string lights from tangling in storage – a huge holiday win! Pair these reels with a clear plastic container to keep everything clean and in one place.

Wrapping Paper Storage

Keep your wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, and tape in one place with a Christmas wrapping organizer. These suitcase-style designs are portable and easy to store in a closet or spare room. If you’re short on space, however, opt for a clear plastic container you can store under the bed.

In addition to the uses mentioned above, sturdy plastic containers with lids work well for storing other holiday items from linens to plates and seasonal silverware. The key is to keep your holiday decor organized, clean, and easy to find, so every holiday season starts off merry and bright.

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