Very soon Christmas will be over and 2020 will almost be here. It will also soon be time to pack away all the holiday decorations and embark on not just a new year but a new decade! However, if your house is like most over the past few weeks you’ve added quite a bit of extra stuff to your home.

In the spirit of new beginnings for 2020 why not make one of your resolutions to declutter your home and sort through all that new stuff and why not take advantage of the down time many of us have between Christmas and New Years to get started on the project?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you:

Christmas Decoration Declutter

As you begin to put the holiday decorations away be a little more honest about them this year. Most of us have at least some decorations that have seen better days and really don’t need to be stored for yet another year.

Unless you have a really good reason for keeping them, which most of us don’t, purge those half functional lights, tangled tinsel strings and cracked ornaments from your collection before you start putting everything away. You’ll be freeing up storage space and you can have fun next year buying new decorations to replace what you purge.

Christmas Toy Declutter

Kids tend to get plenty of new toys for Christmas. But getting them all to fit on the toy shelves or in the toy box can be a battle and all too often some seem to take up residence on the floor, or other places they don’t belong, simply because there is no room for them.

Why not take the time to have your kids go through their toys, choose those they’ve outgrown and, if they are in decent shape, donate them to a local thrift store or kids charity? Doing so not only cuts down on clutter but blesses someone else!

Christmas Clothing Declutter

Clothes are another common gift for kids and adults alike at Christmas so now is a good time for everyone to go through their drawers and closets to figure out what fits, what does not and what will never be worn again and make plans to either pass it on to friends or family, donate it or trash it.

It’s also a good time to go through you linen closet and remove any old sheets, towels, and washcloths. Many of us don’t think about purging those items and just keep using them over and over, even the ones with holes in them. But if you purge them now you’ll know what you need to replace when the white sales come around in January.

Christmas Kitchen Declutter

For most of us, our kitchens see more action over the holidays than they do throughout the rest of the year. So now’s the best time to go through your cabinets and drawers to purge them of all those extra plastic containers that held Christmas goodies that you know you’ll never use, those plates that got chipped, and yes, once again those linens that have seen better days.

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