The New Year often inspires homeowners everywhere to begin to think about making some changes around their house that will not only improve the way it looks but its overall function as well. This doesn’t just apply to those who might be considering selling their Houston home at some point in the year to come but to those who simply want to get more enjoyment out of their home in 2020 as well.

If 2020 really is the year you want to start thinking about making a big change – a kitchen remodel, a brand-new bathroom or some other great renovation that will have a real impact on your property, you may still have a more little saving and planning to do. There are some little tweaks you can make right now however that will also have an immediate impact and best of all they won’t cut into the savings you are squirreling away for that big project! Here are just a few ideas for simple home decor fixes that have an immediate impact, especially if you ARE considering selling your home in the near future.

Make a Change in the Way Your Home Works

Many of us have a room in our home that we really never use a lot. For instance, the idea of a formal dining room is falling out of fashion; most people are far too busy on a daily basis to set up and sit down for a full formal meal and a kitchen or living room dining nook is far more convenient. Most formal dining rooms now only see any ‘action’ at big holidays and in the long run isn’t that really a big waste of the space when it could be put to far better use as a media room or a playroom for example?

Changing the function of a room is actually not that hard – unless it is a bathroom or a kitchen – it usually simply involves making changes to the decor and furnishings. No room in your budget for lots of new furniture? That is not a problem. You can borrow furniture from other spaces, browse the offerings at your local thrift store and even check out the ‘free’ section of your local Craigslist, you will be astonished by the furniture people are willing to give away as long as you are willing to come and pick it up!

Lighten Up

Many rooms can be transformed from blah and boring to warm and welcoming simply by changing the way the lighting scheme in the room works. By replacing harsh central light fixtures with a properly layered lighting scheme that features wall lighting, lamps and targeted task lighting can make a big difference in as little as an afternoon.

Small Changes with a Big Impact

Even seemingly very small changes can make a big difference and help transform your space for the New Year. Sofa seen better days? There are some great, and rather affordable covers and throws available that will give furniture an instant makeover for a lot less than it would cost to replace it completely.

Decluttering – and being ruthless about it – can make the biggest difference of all. Getting rid of what you really don’t need and then storing away stuff that you may need again one day (be honest here though) can free up a lot more living space than you might imagine. If you need help, investing in the services of a professional home organizer to help you might be one of the best investments you make all year. Better still, if you hire Just Organized by Taya we also have a team of Houston home decorators, so we can help you get even more done!

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