It’s party season, and from now all the way to Superbowl Sunday the chances are that you will be hosting at least one party style get together.

While every great host/ess has their special secrets, organized and excellent hosts have some basic traits and habits in common that, if you learn to make use of them can help you become a perfectly organized party host as well.


Having basic and specialty items on hand means you can easily make appetizers for impromptu get-togethers and also get a jump-start when shopping for specific recipes. Before you begin menu planning for your party in earnest take the time to go through your pantry, organize it so that


Write down everything you will need: food, drinks, ice, plates and flatware, serving pieces, glasses, napkins, and any table decorations such as candles and flowers.


Choosing the food can — and should be — one of the most enjoyable parts of throwing a party. To keep things organized and affordable, keep these considerations in mind:

Time of party: The hour of the event will help determine what type of food, and how much, to offer. The earlier the party, the lighter the food can be.

Guest count: The fewer the guests, the fewer the items you’ll need to serve. You can get by with two or three different starters at a party for six, whereas a celebratory event for 20 calls for a greater variety of snacks and finger foods.

Tastes and textures: When serving multiple dishes, think about how the different foods will taste together. Spicy food is fine, but you don’t want to overload your guests with too much. Similarly, you’ll want to offset rich foods with those that are fresh and light and think about having a mix of crisp and crunchy, rich and creamy, tender and chewy — even hot and cold.

Personal preferences: Odds are, if you’re especially fond of something, your enthusiasm will spill over to your guests. Trends are fine to follow here and there, but don’t overlook the appeal of all-time favorites like pigs in blankets, cheese balls, or a golden, bubbling baked dip.


A true party guru makes sure to always offer some dishes that can be enjoyed by everyone, including options for those with food restrictions (e.g., vegan, nut-free, gluten-free). The same goes for drinks as well. It’s not just kids who need to be catered to with soft drinks, many adults don’t drink alcohol either.


A host that is fretting over the cost of their party is not a happy host at all. Savvy and organized party planners shop for bargains online, opt for themed party packs to save time and money and they NEVER use the good tableware and opt for elegant party disposables instead. They also shop with their lists (see #2) and avoid being tempted to go over budget by sticking to what they wrote down and then getting out of the shore (or off Amazon) as soon as they have.

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